Call for the mailbag

semerson@macon.comFebruary 13, 2013 

ATHENS - It's been awhile. It's been too long. Let's have a mailbag, shall we?

So much has happened since last we answered your questions: The football team went through signing day, the basketball team went on a five-game win streak, Mark Richt got a raise, the Pope called it a career, and "30 Rock" came to an end.

So clearly there's a lot to discuss.

As always, you can submit your question, or your opinion requesting a response, by posting in the comment section below, e-mailing me at, or tweeting at @sethemerson.

I do request, but don't demand, that you provide your full name and city and state of residence. If not, no biggie. But it does help.

The mailbag will be posted Friday, assuming nothing comes up.

Fire away.

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