AC Pup: Two hearts healed by love

February 9, 2013 

There is no other pain like the pain of loneliness. When you find yourself alone for whatever reason, others may surround you yet you still feel isolated.

There are many causes for loneliness. Maybe you’ve lost someone very dear to you and now they’re no longer in your life. Or maybe, like so many of us, you were abandoned and left to fend for yourself. Whatever the reason, the emptiness feels the same.

That’s how Moose, the young Rottweiler/shepherd mix, must’ve felt when he was given a brand new harness, then abandoned off Riverside Drive recently. He wandered aimlessly in a neighborhood for days, not knowing where to go or why he was alone.

It was only through the kindness of Miss Carol Lincoln that he was given a place to stay. She saw him wandering the streets and put him in her backyard so he would be safe until she could find his family.

But even after her exhaustive attempts to find his family or even a new family, Moose remained unclaimed. In fact, Moose stayed with Miss Lincoln for more than six weeks as she worked to find a place for him.

Moose was exceptionally sweet. He was also very big and playful. Miss Lincoln’s two small dogs were not exactly thrilled with their guest.

After trying everything she could to find Moose a home, Miss Lincoln reluctantly contacted the pound and asked them to come for him.

When the animal control officer arrived at her house, he was unable to take a dog as large as Moose because his truck was already filled with dogs. He would have to come back later.

Meanwhile, across town was Mr. Johnny White. His wife of 54 years passed away in November. Although he stayed busy and active, his home was very quiet.

Mr. White learned about Moose through a friend. At first he told his friend he wasn’t ready for a dog. But after contemplation, he decided to pursue it.

Mr. White made arrangements to meet Moose. When Mr. White went into Miss Lincoln’s yard and he and Moose made eye contact, it was all over.

Suddenly, the scenario of Moose riding in an animal control truck to an uncertain future, if any future at all, and the silence at Mr. White’s home were obliterated forever. Two hearts that experienced recent loss were brought together forever.

We’re never really sure where life will take us. One thing is certain: The trip is so much more meaningful if we share it with someone we love. And there is always someone to love at your local animal shelter.

Love on a leash or cupid in a crate will always extinguish loneliness. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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