Police sorting out shooting, armed robbery on Ridge Avenue

lfabian@macon.comFebruary 8, 2013 

The gunshots woke them in their beds.

People living in the 3000 block of Ridge Avenue called 911 to report gunfire, only to learn that Macon police officers were already investigating a report of a personal armed robbery at the Riviera Court Apartments at 3013 Ridge Ave. early Friday morning.

Officers were dispatched about 4:40 a.m. to the holdup, and they radioed back after 5 a.m. about a person shot and someone they tased, who was in custody.

Police later said a woman was driving down Ridge and a bullet grazed her ear. Investigators don’t think she was the intended target of the shots, according to a police news release Friday afternoon.

Officers were called just before 5:20 a.m. to Northside Hospital, where she was being treated.

Neighbors who watched the events unfold said the woman was shot by the alleged victim in the robbery, who was believed to be gunning for the person who robbed him.

The alleged gunman reportedly barricaded himself in an apartment and was tased before being taken into custody, they said.

Officers walked him in handcuffs to a crime lab van on the scene, but he apparently refused to cooperate with their attempts to obtain evidence or further information about the shooting.

“We’re trying to help you,” one officer told him loudly, as other officers escorted him back to the patrol car.

Another woman was sitting in a private vehicle parked in front of Building C, as if she were being detained as part of the investigation.

The witnesses said officers were waiting for a search warrant to try to find the weapon, but an officer on the scene declined any comment.

The on-duty sergeant said information would be funneled to his major and on to public information officer Jami Gaudet, who warned earlier in the week that a police retreat could slow the flow of information.

In Friday afternoon’s news release, Gaudet stated there were no suspects and the case remains under investigation.

Police cruisers with blue flashing lights had blocked off the entrance to the apartments before the crime lab van pulled into the complex about 6 a.m.

Officers reopened Ridge near Speer Avenue to allow a school bus to pick up children from apartments, but they kept a small area near building “C” roped off until all the evidence was collected.

Once the police moved from the street into the complex, a Ridge Avenue woman who came to the street in her pink robe said dogs started barking.

She caught a glimpse of a man run from behind her house and wondered whether he might have been the bandit, who could have been hiding out until police left.

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