Richt: 'We got the No. 1 class in America'

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ATHENS - The highlights from Mark Richt's signing day press conference:

- Richt was bullish on this class, as you'd expect, not downplaying it despite the slow finish.

"As far as I'm concerned, we got the No. 1 class in America," Richt said. "We took care of business in the areas that we needed. We got the guys that are very, very talented and are excited about being here. And we're gonna develop these guys into a great football team. That's what really matters the most."

He reiterated that at another point, when asked if the early commitments and enrollments tempered any disappointment over not getting players who decided late.

"I don't really have any disappointments right now," Richt said. "Once signing day hits, we're gonna be excited about everybody we sign, which I am, which I know our staff is. That's all we're really gonna focus and concentrate on. It's our job now, for everybody, to get to work.

- Georgia signed 32 players - and could sign more, although Richt was noncommital on whether that could happen.

"There's always a chance something else could happen," he said. "I can only mention the ones we got, so that's all I can say."

Richt then added that the fact there are several junior college transfers in the class helps "break it up a bit," as in there aren't going to be too many freshman on the roster.

- Richt said he was originally going to have hip surgery after signing day - but he changed his plans because of an SEC coaches meeting next week.

"The commissioner thought it would be really important for me to be there," Richt said, smiling. "So I pushed things up a little bit."

Richt said he made phone calls from his bed, which he would have been able to make anyway.

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