February 6, 2013 


Perkins, Ma’kyah, born Jan. 2 to Gaibrell Mitchell and Antonio Perkins of Byron.

Carroll, Jackson Scott, born Jan. 2 to Megan Dearborn and Bradley Carroll of Centerville.

Collier, Lleyton Adam, born Jan. 3 to Josh and Rebecca (Gallagher) Collier of Perry.

Head, Clark Derrion, born Jan. 3 to Derrick and Cotia (Clark) Head of Warner Robins.

Patel, Baby Girl, born Jan. 3 to Shailesh and Kamini Patel of Bonaire.

Williams, Chrisie Keiara, born Jan. 4 to Dinnia Northern and Christopher Williams of Fort Valley.

Rowe, David Emmanuel, born Jan. 6 to Carlton and Genesis (Small) Rowe of Byron.

Adams, Chase Amir, born Jan. 7 to Quinteria Lowe and Mario Adams of Perry.

Patel, Aaryan Lala, born Jan. 7 to Bhavesh and Vaishali Patel of Warner Robins.

Williams, Makayla Ann, born Jan. 7 to Nasheema Williams of Warner Robins.

Carter, Emma, born Jan. 8 to Rachel Davis and Joseph Carter of Crawford County.

Rodriguez, Alma Sofia, born Jan. 8 to Hermes and Adriana (Ortiz) Rodriguez of Fort Valley.

Purdie, Mekhi T’Sean, born Jan. 9 to Meliana Purdie of Warner Robins.

Patel, Shreeji Keyur, born Jan. 11 to Keyur and Nilamben (Harishbhai) Patel of Centerville.

Nguyen, Megan, born Jan. 13 to Trung Tan and Hong Le Thi Nguyen of Warner Robins.

Ross, Abbigail Raine, born Jan. 13 to Shelby Griffin and John Ross of Reynolds.

Barker, Avion Javonte, born Jan. 14 to Lytanya Shanta Barker of Warner Robins.

Hart, Ayden Christopher, born Jan. 14 to Shaun and Anetra (King) Hart of Danville.

Hayes, Layla Mae, born Jan. 14 to Tammy Pickett and Andrew Hayes of Centerville.

Theis, McKinley Rebecca, born Jan. 14 to Andrew and Jessica (Heikkila) Theis of Centerville.

Thorpe, Bentley Ayden, born Jan. 14 to Michael and Krystal (Robertson) Thorpe of Perry.

Briceno, Aleen Yamilet, born Jan. 15 to Jesus and Yessica (Casas) Briceno of Warner Robins.

Nottingham, Jakeno Marquez, born Jan. 15 to Felecia Jackson and Stacy Nottingham of Bonaire.

Goodman, Xavier Jay, born Jan. 16 to Marlin and Crystal (Taylor) Goodman of Fort Valley.

Jackson, Derrick Lamar, born Jan. 16 to Rodnerica Jackson of Fort Valley.

Borders, Robert, born Jan. 17 to Brett and Misty (Doherty) Borders of Byron.

Hill, Dexter Anthony, born Jan. 17 to Camdon and Rachel (Landers) Hill of Macon.

Sandoval, Rosaline Kiera, born Jan. 17 to Ruben and Kerry (Kennedy) Sandoval of Cochran.

Wade, Kinley Jewell, born Jan. 17 to John and Danielle (Stuckey) Wade of Centerville.

Jones, Leona Mae, born Jan. 18 to Jerry and Tammi (Franklin) Jones of Byron.

Lowe, Kaidn Emeer, born Jan. 18 to Wykesia Banks and Dantiveous Lowe of Fort Valley.

Perfect, Lawton James, born Jan. 18 to Daniel and Candace (Nichols) Perfect of Elko.

Todd, Jeffery Jr., born Jan. 18 to Catherine Davis and Jeffery Todd Sr.

Duncan, Kambry Madux, born Jan. 21 to Dennis and Ashley (Winter) Duncan of Warner Robins.

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