Take a moment to honor the kids who did not make the team

February 6, 2013 

Spring is in the air. Maybe not according to the Weather Channel but at least spring sports have begun.

Most local high school baseball teams have held their tryouts by now. Middle schools will do so in a few weeks. High school soccer teams have been picked; tennis, golf and track teams are practicing.

Yes, spring sports have begun. Of course, that is, if you made the team.

Along with the crack of the bats at practice, comes the crack of hearts.

As an adult, I completely understand that not everyone who goes out for a team can make it. There is a limit to the number of coaches, the number of uniforms. A baseball team with 40 boys on it just doesn’t make sense when only nine can play at a time.

Yes, I understand the concept of trying out. I understand the reasons behind it.

But as a mother, it just breaks my heart.

Not just for the child. But for the mother who has to console her baby.

For every tear they shed, we shed two. Their heart is broken; ours is shattered.

Our pain is the price we pay for loving our children.

My heart goes out to these kids, the ones who don’t make the teams. But more than my sympathy, they gain my admiration.

They walked into a situation and wanted something that was difficult to obtain. They tried to be part of something that they have a passion about. They put themselves out there, and in some cases, they came back the second day, when they knew chances were slim.

They didn’t quit. They didn’t give up. They might not have made the team, but they started on a more important path. We become the people who we are not from attempting something and succeeding but just from the trying itself.

If when the list was posted outside a locker room, your child’s name was not on it, as a mother I share your pain. But I also share your pride, in that your child had the guts to try out.

In life, applause goes to the player who scores the goal or who hits the home run. That is the way of the world. But today let’s join together to applaud the ones who got cut.

Congratulations on trying. Here’s for holding your head high this year and even having the thought that you might try again next year.

Thanks for being a good sport and shaking the hands of those who made the team or for considering becoming a manager, so you can be part of the sport you love.

Or even for just coming to the game and cheering on the kids you wanted so bad to be your teammates.

You might not have made the team. But you are still a winner.

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