More effort needs to be expended to eliminate bad cops and teachers

February 1, 2013 

Every now and then we are given examples of the sickness in society that crosses all cultures and professions. Last week, two Macon police officers, Troy Guidry and Jon Wantz, were arrested on charges of theft by taking, criminal trespass, burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime and violation of the oath of office. Apparently, the two former officers pilfered a $25,000 tractor from a plumbing company and also burglarized offices and stole additional equipment from the Bibb County school system’s maintenance yard.

Our police department has some of the most sophisticated equipment available, but it didn’t occur to the two brainiacs that technology is also available to the masses. The tractor was found using global positioning satellite technology.

Another case in Wilkinson County also had a technology theme. A math teacher, Cornelius Jones and junior ROTC teacher Rodney Hunter, have been arrested on child molestation charges stemming from inappropriate contact with the same 15-year-old student -- and that inappropriate contact was caught on video. All of the school’s classrooms and hallways and other areas are under video surveillance, something both men should have known.

Both cases are examples of individuals using their position of authority to satisfy their own desires, not thinking of the consequences to their victims or themselves, These are not the first police officers or teachers found to be lacking in intelligence and morals, but were there warning signs? At least with the officers, there seems to have been a number of red flags tied to disciplinary actions. And there were probably warning signs in the conduct of the instructors as well.

More effort needs to be put forth to eliminate dirty cops and morally decrepit teachers. It is unfortunate that the attention these men have received for their alleged crimes creates collateral damage to everyone in their former professions.

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