Central Student Brings Jeopardy Back to Class

January 31, 2013 

Students in Stanford Brown's history class at Central High School in Macon play a game of Classroom Jeopardy! Thursday afternoon. The game, organized by Brown, himself a former Jeopardy champion, Kelly Miyahara, a member of the popular game show's Clue Crew, and the group Educational Insights was held in honor of class member Kelton Ellis, currently on the show's Teen Tournament. Students played with questions drawn in large part from the subject of Brown's class, the political history of the Americas. By the time the class had reached Final Jeopardy, any of three teams in the room were in position to win. In the end Ellis and his team, the Reformers, won. Of playing the long running game show in California Ellis said, "It was surreal. I was on the set that I like see everyday. It was just crazy thinking I was going to be in the same spot people like Ken Jennings have been in." Playing with his classmates was fun, too. "It was great. I almost felt like they were in the studio with me," he said.
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