56 Houston students nominated for Governor’s Honors Program

January 30, 2013 

Fifty-six 10th- and 11th-graders in Houston County have been nominated for the Governor’s Honors summer enrichment program.

This year marks the 50th year students from across the state have attended Governor’s Honors, a program for gifted juniors and seniors.

Students were nominated by their teachers at their individual schools. Nominations are made based on academic achievement and the student’s passion for a certain area, such as agriculture, chemistry, mathematics, social studies, visual art, theater, music or technology.

A state committee will interview nominees to select finalists in each academic area. Students will be notified in March of their selection to Governors Honors. Those chosen will be invited to attend the four-week program at Valdosta State University.

Northside High School drama Director Brian Barnett attended Governor’s Honors in 1984 as a theater major.

“For me, it was a real intense time,” Barnett said. “It was a summer of awakening of a lot of my talent. The experience of Governor’s Honors also gave me a lot of confidence and the chance to really explore and figure out what can I do, what I am good at and what do I need to work on amongst a group of people that were very dedicated.

“Governor’s Honors is like super school. It is a lot of learning in a short period, and it really motivates you and helps to point you in a direction.”

Barnett said when he is nominating students for Governor’s Honors, he looks for students not only with natural ability but those with potential as well.

“I also look for a student that is hungry for that kind of experience, one that wants to explore their talent more,” Barnett said.

Sophomore Alex Oakley is one of the two students Barnett nominated this year.

“I just think that attending Governor’s Honors could be a really great opportunity. I have talked to students that attended last year, and they called it one of the best experiences of their life,” Alex said.

As a theater major, Alex will go through not only an interview but will have to deliver a prepared monologue and participate in activities to gauge his talents in certain areas like improvisation, characterizations and emotions.

“Yes, it would be really, really cool for me to go. But it will be cool to represent my school, too,” Alex said.

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2013 Governor’s Honors nominees

Houston County High School: Skyler Alexander, Chen-hui Bergl, Colton Berry, Jacob Bodien, Davien Brown, Navin Buxani, Ian Clester, Callie Cook, Shivani Dhir, Brandon Hancock, Payton Horton, Hunter Hufnagel, Joseph Little, Kade Randall, Michael Stewart and Cole Stewart
Northside High School: Natalie Boswell, Jamila Chambers, William Crouch, Robert Gilstrap, Austin Maddox, Alexander Oakley, Peyton Raley, Brianna Roberson and Shelly Vyas
Perry High School: Bethany Brown, Madeline Dannenberg, Delaney Foster, Eli Guidry, Steven Le, Liston Mehserle, Emily Moody, Ryan Oxyer and Jacob Turner
Veterans High School: Leigh Ann Copeland, Levi Davis, Emily Deyton, Divine Francis, Alexander Goldstien, Kristen Holder, Aja Miller, Kahlil Moss, Lindsay Richardson, Amy Rigsby, Clinton Rogers and Tyra Wilson
Warner Robins High School: Camille Bagwell, Katherine Bakrania, Callie Bruce, Abby Butikofer, Carmen Foskey, Brendan Kennedy, Connor Martin, Christopher Millican, Lauren Rossman and Anna Slivka

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