January 30, 2013 

Johnson, Cheyenne Evelyn, born Jan. 3 to Santina Simpson and Don Johnson of Warner Robins.

McDaniel, Elizabeth Michele, born Jan. 4 to Desiree Summers and Thomas McDaniel of Warner Robins.

Gathmann, Brynlee Ruth, born Jan. 7 to Matthew and Stephenie (Davis) Gathmann of Warner Robins.

Vinson, Shane Thurston, born Jan. 7 to David and Jennifer (Thurston) Vinson of Warner Robins.

Stramblad, John Paul, born Jan. 9 to Kyle and Kasey (Fry) Stramblad of Kathleen.

Dougharty, Brody Scott, born Jan. 12 to Casie Goodman and Shane Dougharty of Warner Robins.

Holley, Dallas Cooper Jr., born Jan. 12 to Dallas and Jennifer (Coates) Holley of Warner Robins.

Battle, Taras De’Shawn, born Jan. 13 to Angel Gipson and Dexter Battle of Warner Robins.

Story, Jaxson Cote, born Jan. 13 to Britany Floyd and Charles Story of Warner Robins.

Woodbury, Ariauna Alexandria, born Jan. 13 to Timothy and Montoya (Morales) Woodbury of Warner Robins.

Guo, Sophia Xin Fei, born Jan. 14 to Suye Yip and Qing Guo of Perry.

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