Help AC Pup provide for needy animals by donating food at his party

January 25, 2013 

I’m turning 4 years old in just a few days, and I’m so giddy about my birthday party Feb. 2, from noon until 2 p.m., at the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home. I hope you’ll be there because you and your furchildren are invited. We’ll have activities, then cake about 1:15.

I can’t believe I’m 4 already. In human years I’m really much older, like 32 or some crazy number like that. But I don’t look a day over 4.

I’ve had so many wonderful experiences in my lifetime. For almost all my life I’ve been the mascot for Central Georgia CARES. It’s been hard but very rewarding work, and we’ve helped a lot of animals and people.

In fact, when the pound was associated with the city of Macon, I was at the shelter every day greeting visitors, promoting adoptions, giving tours and sugar. I also spent a lot of time visiting schools and businesses and making appearances everywhere on behalf of CARES and the city. I loved my job, and I think I was pretty good at it.

As you probably remember, there were a ton of changes this past summer, and I don’t work at the shelter anymore. But I’ll always be the mascot for CARES, which stays really busy helping animals and people.

In fact, CARES even expanded its role in the region. It aligned with Homeless Pet Clubs and has adopted out 170 rescued dogs and cats since October. That’s an awesome achievement, and I’m very proud of CARES.

The other new outreach program is to help needy people and hungry animals by providing pet food. CARES is helping numerous families that love their pets but are having a difficult time buying food. They may not even be able to keep their pets if it were not for CARES’ support. CARES also is sharing food with rescue groups and feeding feral animals that have no way of providing for themselves.

I tell you this to explain why my birthday party is so important. You see, CARES is devoted to doing everything it can to keep families intact with the pets they love. And CARES is determined to help animals from starving even if they’re not adoptable. So CARES dispenses lots of food every week and must continue to find sources of food to share.

That’s why I’m asking folks to bring bags of dog and cat food to my birthday party. I don’t want any gifts for myself. I just want to collect as much food as possible to share with the needy.

This is the chance to celebrate my birthday and help “the least of these.” Hope to see you Feb. 2!

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