Demon Dress Drive multiplies memories

January 23, 2013 

One of the greatest events we have in Warner Robins is coming up Saturday.

It is the annual Demon Dress Drive and it is both a fundraiser and a lesson in sharing memories.

The Warner Robins High School student council has been collecting gently used formal wear and dresses for months to sell the last Saturday of January.

The low cost of the dresses helps girls who might not be able to afford a prom dress buy one, and the money raised from the sale is all donated to an organization that benefits women and children

Yes, we as women have strong memories when it comes to our clothes. Our bridal gown hangs in a special bag in a closet, waiting on our daughter or granddaughter. We have dresses that have memories attached to them, the first time we were asked to dance, the night we met our husband to be, the blouse we were wearing when we got engaged.

But the great thing about the Demon Dress Drive is through donating your clothes, those memories aren’t diminished but multiplied.

I have covered the Demon Dress Drive for years, but it took me until last year to get up the courage to donate a dress.

The one I donated I had worn to a dance with my husband when we had just started dating. It was a beautiful dress, dark green with beads scattered across the skirt. I had a few tears in my eyes when I thought about letting it go. But it had been in a box for years and was doing absolutely nobody any good.

So now when I glance at the picture of Ronnie and me from years ago -- me wearing that green dress, him in a tux -- I remember not only that evening but imagine some girl wearing it now, giggling with her friends, having her hair done, waiting on her father to open the door to a handsome young man.

It makes that picture of Ronnie and me twice as special.

Last year, the sale had hundreds of dresses in all sizes and styles. Dress prices top out at about $50. Dresses not sold are saved for next year’s sale or donated to Goodwill, making the Demon Dress Drive one of the most circular charity events in our area.

The dresses will be offered for sale to the public from noon-4 p.m. Saturday at the WRHS Rockin’ R Café, and refreshments will be served. All proceeds will benefit a Middle Georgia children’s charity.

Warner Robins High is located at 401 S. Davis Drive.

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