January 23, 2013 

Perkins, Dylan Mikael, born Dec. 17 to Ashley Paul and Darius Perkins of Bonaire.

Gragg, Landon Dale, born Dec. 18 to Willow Gragg of Warner Robins.

Bagby, Aaron Kenneth Penix, born Dec. 19 to Summer Chambers and Aaron Penix Bagby of Warner Robins.

Jenkins, Nizaya Omani, born Dec. 19 to Janee Criss and Jermaine Jenkins of Warner Robins.

Bailey, Naomi Lorraine, born Dec. 20 to Lawrence and Britney (Stover) Bailey of Warner Robins.

Busching, Jason Anthony, born Dec. 21 to Kayla Emerson and Brandon Busching of Warner Robins.

Routt, Mekhi Isaiah, born Dec. 23 to Elisa Routt of Warner Robins.

Wilbur, Jesse Scott, born Dec. 24 to Scott and Jessica (Hatchett) Wilbur of Kathleen.

Capelle, Hunter Robert, born Dec. 26 to Kalen and Brittany (Rockwell) Capelle of Kathleen.

Tervolis, McKennah Jayde, born Dec. 26 to Annmarie Tervolis of Warner Robins.

Coates, Emily Loveline, born Dec. 27 to Harmony Coates of Kathleen.

Hill, La’Asia Nicole, born Dec. 27 to Alexandria Hill of Warner Robins.

Ilderton, Connor Reid, born Dec. 27 to Sean and Kisha (Cavins) Ilderton of Centerville.

Puckett, Madelyn June, born Dec. 27 to Candace Puckett of Warner Robins.

Donovan, Mason, born Dec. 28 to Mark and Amy Donovan Yarnell of Byron.

Downs, Zane Arthur, born Dec. 28 to Shawn and Tiffany (Price) Downs of Warner Robins.

Drake, Makayla A., born Dec. 28 to Arlesha Redding and Kelvin Drake of Fort Valley.

Graham, Azayla Ny’Tae, born Dec. 28 to Candrika Tharpe and Lavern Graham of Warner Robins.

Johnson, Cooper Elliott, born Dec. 28 to Brad and Amy (Giddens) Johnson of Chester.

Johnson, Serenity Morgan, born Dec. 28 to Brittany Johnson of Macon.

Montes, Jesus Antonio, born Dec. 28 to Melissa Montes of Warner Robins.

Moore, Tyler Aaden, born Dec. 28 to Niel and Nicole (Rome) Moore of Warner Robins.

Unsworth, Chandler, born Dec. 28 to Bennett and Kayei (Alligood) Unsworth of Bonaire.

Lee, Kayden Tristin, born Dec. 29 to Shantae Gray and Dewayne Lee of Warner Robins.

Barragan, Janney Sanchez, born Dec. 30 to Yanet Sanchez and Martin Barragan of Warner Robins.

Gipson, Robert Monroe, born Dec. 30 to Tabitha Watters and Johns Gipson Sr. of Warner Robins.

Mast, Alyson Jade, born Jan. 1 to Mark and Lynette (Yoder) Mast of Montezuma.

Mimbs, Bryson Daniel, born Jan. 2 to Joshua and Jessica (Eason) Mimbs of Warner Robins.

Money, Chloe Lizbeth, born Jan. 2 to Jessica (Larkin) Kahley and Ray Money of Warner Robins.

Talton, Neal Lanier (Tate) III, born Jan. 3 to Tal and Amanda (Meyer) Talton of Bonaire.

Dowdy, Walter Ty, born Jan. 3 to Toby and Michelle (Sekermestrovich) Dowdy of Pineview.

Stacy, Jackson Caleb, born Jan. 4 to Melissa Harvey and Adam Stacy of Bonaire.

Tallant, Emma Jane, born Jan. 4 to Savanna Harvey and Justin Tallant of Warner Robins.

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