AC Pup: Lots to celebrate this month

January 19, 2013 

January’s such a fun month for me. I’m excited about a new year, resolutions I won’t keep and how many people and animals we’ll help.

There are also special birthdays this month beginning with Elvis’ birthday. I celebrated his birthday already on Jan. 8 by taking one of his famous songs, “You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog,” changing it into my own rendition, called “I Ain’t Nothing But a Pound Dog.”

I really like my version. Who knows, maybe I could audition for “American Idol” with my new song. I’ve got to work on the rocking dance moves Elvis had, which might be difficult with four legs. I could get a black wig, a white jumpsuit and hit the road!

The next birthday is for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Even though Dr. King was born Jan. 15, I’ll celebrate his birthday Monday, Jan. 21, since it’s a federal holiday.

I really admire Dr. King trying to teach everyone to care about each other and to be kind. That’s sort of what I try to do in the animal world. I try to teach people that animals are valuable, have feelings, feel pain, experience joy and only want to live, just like the rest of us.

The next two birthdays this month are really special to me. The first one is MINE! I will be 4 years old Jan. 30 and will have a party that you’re invited to on Saturday, Feb. 2, from noon until 2 p.m. at the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home on Mumford Road.

I hope you’ll plan on being there to help me celebrate. To help commemorate this special day, I’m asking everyone to bring dog and cat food so we can continue to help others. Come on out to see me!

The last birthday in January I want to mention is for my nonprofit group Central Georgia CARES. They’re turning 4 just like me. What a magnificent difference this group has made in the Middle Georgia region not only for animals but also for people, too.

Four years ago, CARES’ vision to create an animal welfare entity unlike any Macon had ever seen before was born. It was important to establish the organization in a way that was sustainable throughout the years and would address core issues systemic to most every city.

CARES structured itself to promote, among other things, spay and neuter, adoption of shelter pets, humane education and anti-cruelty. CARES believes in euthanasia only for those animals who are sick, injured or vicious instead of an ineffective tool for population management.

Finally, CARES highlights the strong bond between humans and animals because we both enrich each others’ lives.

Yes, January is a glorious month! Happy birthday Elvis, Dr. King, CARES and me!

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