Man shot in face, another wounded in south Macon

lfabian@macon.comJanuary 17, 2013 

Gunfire roused a sleeping south Macon woman shortly before 2:30 a.m. Thursday.

Gail Burney looked out the back of her house to find a man lying near her son’s bedroom, which is in a small building at the back of her property at 1325 Triple Hill Drive.

“The dude lying on the floor shot my son in the face. He kicked the door twice, and he was still shooting,” Burney said. “I was scared because he was still shooting.”

She stayed inside the little white house where the ailing woman holds a continual sale in her front yard.

Her 32-year-old son, Andrew Burney, was hit in the jaw and is expected to undergo surgery at The Medical Center of Central Georgia, family members said early Thursday.

The alleged shooter was also wounded.

A Macon police news release stated the suspect was wounded in the shoulder and also was taken to the hospital.

It was unclear whether a third person was involved, a bullet ricocheted or Burney returned fire.

His mother only heard the shots and said she wasn’t sure exactly what happened, but if her son did return fire she doesn’t think he would be at fault.

“I hope he doesn’t get charged with anything because he was defending himself,” his mother said.

Burney’s twin brother, André, said the shooter tried to kick in the outbuilding door, but he shot through wood and hit his brother in the side of the face.

The fraternal twin doesn’t think his brother made it out of the building.

Andrew Burney’s bloody hand prints were on the inside of the door.

“You can see where my brother tried to hold the door to keep the guy from coming on in,” André Burney said. “It looks like, to me, they were attempting to murder. It doesn’t look like a robbery. They shot before they even got in there.”

In November, a neighbor was shot in a home invasion robbery across the street.

“It’s just a string of stuff going on in this neighborhood,” André Burney said.

Macon police dispatchers say detectives and crime lab technicians were dispatched to Burney’s home in a neighborhood between Rocky Creek Road and Houston Avenue, but no further information was immediately available about the shooting victims’ conditions.

Police are expected to release more details once the incident report is complete.

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