FCA holds winter event to help students through rest of school year

January 16, 2013 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes members from across the state took a little time out of Christmas vacation to gather together for the first FCA Winter Recharge held at St. Simons Island.

Quentin McArthur, FCA East Georgia Area director, organized the event that is similar to the numerous camps that are held throughout the state during the summer.

“During the summer events, our primary focus is to get the kids ready to springboard onto the campus in the fall and to be able to use the tool of FCA to take Christ to their campus,” McArthur said. “The Winter Recharge was the halfway point, so we wanted to boost them through the rest of the school year.”

Because this was the initial event, McArthur said he hopes are that it will grow, especially by word of mouth from students who attended.

One of those students was Daylen Byrd, an eighth-grader at Bonaire Middle School who has been involved in FCA for two years.

Having attended summer camp, Daylen said that as soon as she heard about Winter Recharge, she knew she wanted to go.

“We had recreation, worship and huddle time, where we talked about what we learned with our leaders. They asked what we thought about the sermon, and we discussed things,’’ Daylen said.

Keith Rustin, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Cochran, was the guest speaker at the three-day event. Rustin said he geared his messages around “being in the zone.”

“I tried to impress on the students that being in the zone is about priorities, your passions, your choices and being in a position to experience all that God has for you,” Rustin said.

Rustin said he sees a need for FCA on school campuses.

“It is an opportunity for encouragement, for the athletes in the school and the non-athletes, and gives them a vehicle to minister to each other and serve on their campus,” Rustin said.

Daylen said FCA helped keep her and her friends accountable.

“I’m involved because it is just a lot of fun. But the fun is also helping us to grow in Christ and a chance to fellowship with people my own age and in my school.”

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