AC Pup: I love my hometown of Macon

January 11, 2013 

I’m so happy that magnificent Macon, Georgia, is my hometown. I’ve lived here all my life, and I’m living proof of the goodness of the hearts of Macon’s residents.

If it were not for the kind, caring, concerned people in our town, it’s safe to say I would not be alive. After all, it was sweet people who saved me from the brink of death and helped me in my career path of becoming the spokesdog for homeless animals.

Because those people intervened in my life, I have an attitude of gratitude and show my appreciation by working hard helping people and animals in my community. I believe my nonprofit group Central Georgia CARES and I have been able to make an impact so far.

Yes, I love my hometown and the people who live here. I do my best to spread the word about how great Macon is.

Oh sure, we have plenty we could growl about as any city does, but that’s never been my style. I’d much rather look at what’s terrific.

You animal lovers in town are like that, too. You’ve always been there to celebrate accomplishments and come through for me in so many ways. You’ve shown what real community spirit is all about.

Whether it’s adopting a dog or cat, providing food for the needy or helping me in a contest, you’ve always been champions for our cause. If there’s one thing that’s abundantly clear to me, it’s that folks in Macon love animals.

So I’m asking everyone who loves animals to step forward and include all your friends to help on a great project I’ve learned about. You see, there are five amazing young people in Macon -- Josh Rogers, Julia Wood, Wes Griffith, Pilar Wilder and Heather Bowman Cutway -- who understand how lucky we are to live in this town. They were also Macon Magazine’s Five Under 40 Young Leaders in 2011.

They have so much appreciation for our city that they created the I Love Macon campaign to have 10,000 people sign a pledge promoting the positive aspects of Macon. That’s all ­-- nothing more than promising to be positive. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

The deadline to collect signatures is Jan. 31. It’s oh so easy to sign the pledge, and anyone can sign. It doesn’t matter where you live or even how old you are. Kids and adults alike love Macon. So round up all the kids and ask them to sign.

Just go to, and please put my name, AC Pup, in the comments. Be sure to tell them I sent you.

I know we can meet this goal. I want everyone to be as proud of Macon as I am.

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