Houston County Forestry Pageant results

January 9, 2013 

Miss Division

Queen -- Rae Evans

First runner-up -- Delanie Israel

Interview & speech winner -- Rae Evans

Best personality -- Rae Evans

Prettiest dress -- Rae Evans

Outfit of choice -- Rae Evans

Photogenic -- Rae Evans

Teen Division

Queen -- Gillian Pritchett

First runner-up Camryn Thompson

Interview -- Gillian Pritchett

Speech -- Camryn Thompson

Outfit of choice --Morgan Grier Glaser

Best personality -- Gillian Pritchett

Prettiest dress -- Gillian Pritchett

Photogenic -- Gillian Pritchett

Junior Division

Queen -- Ashley Moore

First runner-up -- Kinleigh Pridgen

Second runner-up -- Shaniya Thomas

Outfit of choice -- Shaniya Thomas

Best personality -- Ashley Moore

Prettiest dress -- Ashley Moore

Photogenic -- Kinleigh Pridgen

Little Division

Queen -- Lydia Anne Love

First runner-up -- Nieve Leyne

Outfit of choice -- Lydia Anne Love

Best personality -- Lydia Anne Love

Prettiest dress -- Lydia Anne Love

Photogenic -- Nieve Leyne

Tiny Division

Queen -- Reese Fleming

First runner-up -- Carys Leyne

Second runner-up -- Graci Kluge

Third runner-up -- Brianna Phillips

Outfit of choice -- Graci Kluge

Best personality -- Reese Fleming

Prettiest dress -- Reese Fleming

Photogenic -- Graci Kluge

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