No one should want a rush job on shooting investigation

January 4, 2013 

There is a sentence in the column below by Kathleen Parker that could apply to the investigation of the unfortunate and tragic shooting death of Sammie Davis Jr., better known as “Junebug,” by Macon police officer Clayton Sutton: “This is not to suggest that we be naive or credulous, but that we seek some balance in our approach to discovery.”

Parker is talking about the witch-hunt in Washington, D.C., for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but this phenomenon plays itself out on many levels. While we want to know all the details of the Dec. 21, 2012 shooting, we also ask why the investigation is taking so long? If investigators rushed, we’d ask, why was it put on speed dial, particularly if the results did not fit our created reality?

Certainly, the police department tainted the investigation from the get-go by saying Sutton was serving a warrant and that Davis had a weapon. It took a week for the department to say neither of those scenarios were correct when they must have known that information was false within minutes of the shooting.

Unfortunately, some voices crying for justice only serve to inflame while others seek political brownie points. Lives are too important to play political games. It is imperative the community trusts those sworn to serve and protect it.

It does no good to chip away at that trust before all of the facts are known. It doesn’t do Davis’ memory justice nor officer Sutton and his family any good. Such efforts muddy the waters so that when the facts are established they are assured to land in a pool of disbelief.

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