January 2, 2013 


Obenauf, Camdyn Blake, born Nov. 13 to Theresa Aisha Logan and Blake Obenauf of Warner Robins.

Dyer, Tyler James, born Nov. 27 to Timothy and Carolina (Garcia Contreras) Dyer of Warner Robins.

Dixon, Kayley Lynn, born Nov. 28 to Patrick and Jennifer (Hudgens) Dixon of Warner Robins.

George, Jalisa Delois Lee, born Nov. 28 to Asia Lee and Raymond George of Warner Robins.

Trawick, Liliana Ryanne, born Nov. 29 to Nathan and Brittany (Brooks) Trawick of Warner Robins.

Moore, Katherine Faith, born Dec. 1 to Jeremy and Amanda (Keeton) Moore of Warner Robins.

Cline, Kimberly Jolene, born Dec. 3 to Rebecca (Slentz) Dollar and Antoni Cline of Warner Robins.

Fields, Taelor Elana, born Dec. 3 to Yolanda Johnson and Gerald Fields of Warner Robins.

Bautista, Andrea Fernanda, born Dec. 4 to Jorge and Karina Bautista of Warner Robins.

Hairrington, Keiland Chase, born Dec. 5 to Jeff and Amy (Daniel) Hairrington of Kathleen.

Hall, Lyla Mae, born Dec. 5 to Jacob and Whitney (Mullis) Hall of Chester.

Rycroft, Benjamin Sawyer, born Dec. 5 to Tracy and Betsy (Rozier) Rycroft of Cochran.

Zanders, Aiden E’lon, born Dec. 5 to Shana Zanders of Warner Robins.

Hardin, Jackson Kimball, born Dec. 6 to Tyler and Kathleen (Griffin) Hardin of Warner Robins.

Miller, Autumn Samirah, born Dec. 6 to Crystal Jones and Samir Miller of Fort Valley.

Jackson, Aarin Lamar, born Dec. 7 to Sherthea Jackson of Fort Valley.

Scarboro, Gunter Jay, born Dec. 7 to Gene and Jackie (Upshaw) Scarboro of Byron.

Johnson, Wyatt Ajay, born Dec. 8 to Jamie Pinczes and Nelson Johnson of Bonaire.

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