AC Pup: A sight for sore eyes

December 28, 2012 

What a way to end the year! My CARES Homeless Pet Club made unbelievable progress. The incredible businesses and schools involved have already adopted 100 pets since October!

It’s amazing to see the business community embrace the concept of becoming animal advocates. It really makes folks want to patronize businesses that care so much about animals.

There are two businesses really on an adoption roll. Ahn’s Tae Kwon Do has adopted four pets while The Telegraph has adopted three.

One of the pets currently sponsored by The Telegraph is a very special case. Her story is one of triumph over tragedy, and you can help write the end of her story.

Biscuit is a small, sweet basenji. Basenjis are sort of small, kind dogs known as African barkless dogs.

Biscuit lived happily with her Pekingese brother, Pluto, in the backyard of their home. Their family was doing the best they could to take care of them, but somehow Biscuit found herself out in the street and unfortunately was struck by a car.

The impact of the car was so fierce it left Biscuit seriously hurt in a very bad, bizarre way. The damage was so devastating to Biscuit’s eyes it was truly an example of the saying, “You’d have to see it to believe it.” In fact, the injuries were so graphic I’m not even going to describe them to you.

Thankfully a Good Samaritan stopped by the house, saw Biscuit, took pictures of her and shared them on Facebook. Immediately Macon Purrs N Paws jumped into action to provide aid.

There was no doubt when Biscuit reached the veterinarian’s office that her eyes would need to be removed. The surgery was performed immediately, and Biscuit was quickly on the road to recovery.

So now Biscuit is in foster care awaiting a permanent family, and she’s adjusting exceptionally well to being blind. She is extremely smart and easily maneuvers around obstacles in her path. In fact if you didn’t know she was blind, her loss of sight might even go unnoticed.

Although Biscuit’s eyes were taken, her heart wasn’t. She has such a grateful, joyful spirit.

While Biscuit can’t see, she does have vision. She has visions of living in a loving home with a family who will care for her the rest of her life. She has visions of basking in the warm sunshine in her own fenced backyard.

She has visions of being held, petted and loved. And she has every intention of returning that love to her family for a lifetime.

If you are the family for Biscuit, call Macon Purrs N Paws at (478) 719-5808 or The Telegraph at (478) 744-4477. You will not be sorry.

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