Tuesday's top stories on macon.com

December 19, 2012 

Here is a list of Tuesday's top stories on Macon.com, as measured by Omniture.

1. Four indicted in death of legal secretary, embezzlement scheme / 3,454 page views

2. Jones deputies seize 79 marijuana plants / 2,935 page views

3. Bibb campus police captain faces probation from state police agency / 2,805 page views

4. Man and woman bound with duct tape during Macon armed robbery / 1,988 page views

5. Student leads online petition for concealed weapons at Centerville mall / 1,856 page views

6. Police search Macon store under investigation for alleged WIC fraud / 1,536 page views

7. Police report: Burglar stole Macon children's Christmas gifts / 1,272 page views

8. Bibb store manager robbed in bank parking lot / 1,102 page views

9. Smart cookies: Refrigerating dough saves time and enhances the flavor, too / 1,005 page views

10. Macon man dies after leading trooper on high-speed chase / 981 page views

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