Baby Blues edges out Garfield for fan favorite

December 17, 2012 

Telegraph comics fans have spoken — Baby Blues is their favorite funny, but only barely. It received 174 votes compared with 168 for Garfield. Rounding out the top five are Family Circus (128), For Better or Worse (67) and Blondie (59). The full results are below.

Baby Blues, 174

Garfield, 168

Family Circus , 128

For Better or Worse, 67

Blondie, 59

Zits, 53

Pearls Before Swine, 50

Mutts, 47

Beetle Bailey, 45

Snuffy Smith, 45

Dilbert, 43

Rex Morgan, 35

Andy Capp, 32

One Big Happy, 30

Shoe, 23

B.C., 21

The Lockhorns, 19

Mary Worth, 18

Marvin, 17

Hagar the Horrible, 15

Frank & Ernest, 15

Rubes, 13

Curtis, 9

Tiger, 8

Jump Start, 7

Grand Avenue, 6

Dustin, 5

Dennis the Menace, 5

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