Wednesday's top stories on

December 13, 2012 

Here is a list of Wednesday's top stories on, as measured by Omniture.

1. Mel Kiper on Aaron Murray's draft prospects / 4,502 page views

2. Fireball erupts after truck hits gas pump on Gray Highway / 3,230 page views

3. Lawyer: Waffle House shooting suspect's grandmother encouraged him to turn himself in / 2,346 page views

4. This and that: Jones and Ogletree believed leaving / 1,403 page views

5. Collins steps down as football coach at Stratford / 1,350 page views

6. Good and bad news in latest educational studies / 1,286 page views

7. Richt reiterates the case for not spiking the ball / 964 page views

8. Man accused of armed robbery outside Centerville mall arrested in Florida for similar / 926 page views

9. Pilot program helping Bibb students gain Internet access at home / 853 page views

10. Macon councilmen pull controversial pension proposal / 767 page views

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