AC Pup: Christmas miracle named Baby home for the holidays

December 7, 2012 

There’s nothing better than a Christmas miracle. I thought you’d like to hear one.

Baby and Zoey are sweet dogs that are neighbors off Ocmulgee East Boulevard. They are great playmates and live to be loved.

Everyone loves Baby and Zoey. Well, almost everyone.

Sadly, someone didn’t like Baby and Zoey and wanted them gone from the neighborhood. For some inexplicable reason, around Nov. 24, Baby and Zoey were taken from their homes in east Macon, driven all the way across town to Kroger in north Macon, pushed out of the car and abandoned.

So the two girls who previously didn’t have a care in the world now found themselves jeopardized in strange territory surrounded by cars whizzing by. All of sudden they were in extreme danger and didn’t know what they’d done to deserve this punishment.

Both sets of parents were frantic. They posted photos on my Facebook pages and we all started looking for them.

We got word that Zoey, a beautiful brindle, was picked up by someone. At this point though, we’re not really sure where Zoey is but praying she’s safe.

They were photographed at Kroger before Baby crossed a busy four-lane highway and went to a nearby apartment complex. The photograph of Baby at Kroger was posted on my Facebook page. Then the miracle began.

Kellie Graham saw the picture on my Facebook page and recognized Baby as possibly the dog her supervisor’s cousin, Brandi Sapp, rescued. Kellie called my Aunt Patti Jones to let her know.

Aunt Patti asked for a photo to verify it was the right dog and immediately Aunt Patti knew it was Baby. Aunt Patti called Brandi and she told Aunt Patti this remarkable story.

She saw Baby wandering around the apartment complex and suspected she was lost. She took her into her home where Babywas the perfect well-trained guest.

Not finding her family after four days, she took Baby to St. Francis Episcopal Church and asked the priest to pray for Baby. Father Ben Wells prayed a prayer and blessing over Baby to find her parents or either find another wonderful family.

It was later that night Kellie Graham saw Baby’s photograph on my Face­book page. It was an answer to Father Ben’s prayer.

Aunt Patti contacted Alleen Owen, Baby’s mom, to tell her the terrific news. She was overjoyed to say the least. Until she can be re-homed for her own safety, she’s back in the same neighborhood from which she was kidnapped. Protective measures are in place to monitor any activity around Baby and identify anyone attempting to harm her.

We’re still praying to find Zoey. But we’re so grateful our Christmas miracle named Baby is home for the holidays.

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