EARLY VOTING: Good idea lacks the fuel to make it happen

December 6, 2012 

Every now and again, Macon’s City Council comes up with an idea most can agree on and it doesn’t take the lifetime of Methuselah to get it approved. Such was a measure passed Tuesday to make voting easier.

With the exception of those who would like to suppress voter turnout, early voting is a huge success, and following in the footsteps of Houston County, council is asking the county that supervises and funds the Board of Elections to open more early voting locations and to add another Saturday to the early voting schedule. They would like it implemented before the 2013 election for new consolidated government representatives. Both ideas, sponsored by Councilwoman Elaine Lucas, are good.

The long lines this last election is testimony that making it easier to vote works and by expanding to at least one more location, the long lines could at least be indoors. Council left one important item out of the equation. Expanding early voting and adding a Saturday takes money. Unless council puts its money where its mouth is, the resolution, if the county doesn’t act, is a waste of time. Now might be the time for the city and county to come to some agreement about splitting the cost. Thankfully, after next year, those sorts of conversations between governments will be unnecessary.

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