December 5, 2012 

Beard, Skylynn Nicole, born Oct. 13 to Tarah Beard of Warner Robins.

Alejandre, Jenavi Delfina de los Angeles Ceja, born Oct. 20 to Juan Jose Ceja and Jennifer Ceja (Gaines) Alejandre of Warner Robins.

Gardener, Jaelynn Gardener, born Oct. 20 to Chelsea Perez and Dexter Gardener of Warner Robins.

Wigley, Hadley Reese, born Oct. 20 to Jessica Hesters and Roy Wigley II of Hazlehurst.

Castano, Hector Emilio, born Oct. 22 to Ana Baena and Hector Castano of Warner Robins.

Saraceni, Aydrian Joseph, born Oct. 22 to Samantha Saraceni of Warner Robins.

Sayles, Jackson Nicole, born Oct. 22 to Daniel and Jasmine (Persons) Sayles of Centerville.

Carter, Kaylee Caldrea, born Oct. 23 to Keishaun Carter and Caldrecus Jackson of Hawkinsville.

Stephens, Trevon Malik, born Oct. 26 to Christopher Harrell and Derrick Stephens of Warner Robins.

Trythall, Mikayla Rose, born Oct. 26 to Jeromey and Marissa (Sullivan) Trythall of Fitzgerald.

Grube, Sofia Isabella, born Oct. 27 to Yadira Magana and Jacob Grube of Warner Robins.

Tran, Kalyn Le Tran, born Oct. 27 to Maintrang Tran of Macon.

Forte, Thalia Ninde, born Oct. 29 to Jehu and Destinee (Williams) Forte of Bonaire.

Ball, Madilynn Noelle, born Oct. 30 to Wendy Phillips and Jack Ball of Warner Robins.

Goldsmith, Eden LeeAnn, born Oct. 30 to Gary and Stephanie (Gilliam) Goldsmith of Warner Robins.

Hill, Collin Bryce, born Oct. 30 to Christie Thomas and Kyle Hill of Warner Robins.

Keske, Sheila Marie, born Nov. 2 to Michael and Rebecca (Brown) Keske of Kathleen.

Rolfe, Caden Daniel, born Nov. 2 to Megan Riner and Richard Rolfe of Byron.

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