Week 13 Thumpers

Macon TelegraphDecember 4, 2012 


Top Scorer: Andrew Luck

    For most of the year, Robert Griffin has been the fantasy quarterback that you want to own but chalk up a huge comeback and tons of passing yards in Lucks favor this week as they get the sieve of a defense known as Detroit.  Including the amazing 4th down game winner, Luck passed for almost 400 yards and 4 touchdowns.  Unfortunately he added 3 interceptions which has also been a trend for him but keep in mind how many turnovers Peyton had as a rookie and he turned out just fine.

Honorable Mention: Cam Newton

    If Cam Newton hadn't been behind a losing effort he certainly would be in discussion for Fantasy QB of the week.  He rushed for 78 yards in big gashes and threw for 232 yards and 3 touchdowns with no interceptions.  Brandon LaFell's injury limited would could have been an even bigger game for him, not to mention the shockingly efficient Kansas City offense that was using good ball control to win the game.

Goat: Drew Brees

     This one was pretty easy.  Drew's worst day as a pro just happened to come at the worst time for coincidence sake against a division rival one a primetime game that surely knocked them out of the playoffs.  He did add 341 passing yards but his 50+ game NFL record with a passing touchdown was snapped.  And if your league deducts for interceptions than his 5 surely didn't help


Top Scorer: Adrian Peterson

   It's not too often that 200 yard rushers are on losing teams but it happened on that strange Sunday in GreenBay.  His 80+ yard touchdown run was a thing of beauty and the longest of his career.  All Day is back and is making a convincing case for being the 1st overall pick for next years fantasy drafts.

Honorable Mention: Bryce Brown

   It'll be very interesting to see how the Eagles play this hand when a healthy LeSean returns.  Clearly the Eagles are in scout mode, making the decision to sit Michael Vick so they can get a nice long look at the future.  Why not do that with Bruce Brown?  He scored twice and had over 180 total yards.  In fact he's the first runningback in almost 20 years to have 150 yards rushing in his first two starts.  That's a lot of great players that can't claim that.

Goat: Darren Sproles / Ryan Mathews

   Darren Sproles is looking like he's found a new role in the newly crowded New Orleans backfield.  And that is not running at all and seldom used in the return game too as he recovers from his hand injury.  But all of his touches are split between Ivory and Ingram now.  He still is a good PPR option but I'm putting him on this list because I expected more.  Ryan Mathews meanwhile might not be a starting option next year as he's finding very little success.  In a game where they lead and just needed to put the Bengals away, he couldn't crack 30 yards rushing. 


Top Scorer: Calvin Johnson

   Megatron roared to life in the last month with this week being one of his best performances of his year.  He finished with 13 catches and 171 yards with a long touchdown in a losing effort.  Mix in the uncertainty at the other receiver spots and he will continue to be heavily targeted no matter the coverage.  Titus Young is still on his mysterious disciple suspension, and Ryan Broyles blew a knee to close out the year.

Honorable Mention: Dez Bryant / DeMaryius Thomas / Donnie Avery

    Who woke the Cracken Bryant?  Dez has been on fire and alongside Andre Johnson and Calvin looks to be the best receiver in the game in the last month.  Perhaps he's finally healthy or finally focused but either way he's making Romo look better and he's scoring which is big.  He caught two touchdowns on 6 catches and remains a huge part of the offense.  DeMaryius Thomas and Donnie Avery also had a pair of touchdowns each on a big passing fantasy week

Goat: Jordy Nelson / Eric Decker

   I hate to put an injured player on the goat list but Jordy's untimely injury could spell doom for fantasy owners in deeper leagues with less waiver wire options.  He went down with a hamstring pull after his only catch for ten yards.  Eric Decker was healthy all game and managed only 2 catches for 17 yards.  That may be even more worrisome.


Top Scorer: Brandon Myers

   Brandon Myers is the opposite of your goat Vernon Davis.  A who?  kindof player that no one drafted and yet is a top 10 fantasy tight end at this point in the season.  He was the top receiving option for Oakland (very odd to type that) with 14 catches and 130 yards.  The only thing that may hurt his fantasy future is Terrell Pryor maybe getting a start or two at the end of the year.

Honorable Mention: Heath Miller / Martellus Bennett

   Overall this was not a stellar week for tight ends and few did big things for you as a fantasy owner.  These two guys were the exception.  These two guys each hauled in 5 targets and a score respectively.  Heath Miller's production is even more impressive that he's doing it with Charlie Batch on the other end.

Goat:  Vernon Davis

   Vernon Davis has straight fallen off the last month and despite a huge Monday night game a month ago, he's been completely silent.  He caught only 2 passes for a pedestrian 15 yards and may be phased out with Colin Kaepernick as the signal caller.  Be forewarned.


Top Scorer: Houston Texans

   Just when you think you have the Houston Texans defense figured out they throw you for a loop.  After a big game against the Titans they looked entirely average against New York and the Packers.  Then some big games against the Ravens and Chicago and then injuries lead you to concern with big points given to the Jaguars and Detroit.  But they look hot again.  6 sacks and 6 turnovers with 3 picks a part of that in their sweep of Tennessee this past weekend.

Honorable Mention:  Saint Louis Rams

   What?  The Rams are undefeated in the division?  They sound like the Raiders of a few years ago.  Still poor on offense but this team can rush the passer, keep the score down and put up points through turnovers.  You saw all of that against the 49ers.  3 sacks, a safety and a fumble recovery touchdown.  And they silenced one of the hottest teams in the conference. 

Goat: New York Giants / Chicago Bears

     Both of these teams suffered crucial playoff positioning losses to scrambling rookie accurate quarterbacks that protect the football well.  And both loss extremely tight close games as well.  The Bears got two sacks at least (which was two more than the Giants) but they also lost Brian Urlacher for the season to injury.  The Giants didn't muster one 3 and out as Washington was potent when they did have the ball

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