Griswoldville monument set for dedication Saturday

From staff reportsDecember 1, 2012 

A monument paying tribute to those who fought during the Battle of Griswoldville has been completed, and it will be dedicated during a ceremony Saturday afternoon.

The dedication service will begin at 2 p.m. at the battlefield park site, said Martin Bell, lieutenant commander of the Gen. Edward Dorr Tracy Jr. camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The monument -- a 14-foot obelisk -- was erected with the permission of the state Department of Natural Resources, with funding by the Georgia division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and funding by the local camp, which has sold -- and is still selling -- memorials to go around the base of the monument.

The Battle of Griswoldville took place Nov. 22, 1864, during Gen. William Sherman’s March to the Sea, from Atlanta to Savannah. It was the only major infantry engagement during the march.

During the battle, the Home Guard, consisting mainly of young boys and old men armed with muskets, faced Union troops equipped with the new Spencer repeating rifle, according to a brochure about the monument.

The monument honors the bravery of those -- mostly militia members -- who charged repeatedly into heavy Union fire as they tried to defend their homes. Confederate losses were estimated at 50 killed and 500 wounded, according to the DNR. Union losses in the battle totaled 13 killed and 86 wounded.

Bell designed a model of the monument from a piece of balsa wood.

“It is quite a thrill to see this camp project go from model to monument and erected at the battlefield site,” he said in a release. “Our camp members did a great job in completing this wonderful monument to honor those making the ultimate sacrifice.”

The park site is located about 12 miles north of Macon via U.S. 80 and Ga. 57 toward Gordon. There are signs to help direct visitors from U.S. 80.

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