Whuta Start!? Fantasy Week Thirteen Matchups

Macon TelegraphNovember 28, 2012 


1.  Aaron Rodgers - - Greg Jennings is eyeing a return this week and I look for a big rebound at home against the division rival Vikes.  JerMichael Finley and Jordy Nelson appear in great health too.  It won't be long before Cedric Benson returns to the lineup too, ride the coattails of your franchise to fantasy glory.

2.  Drew Brees - - Drew Brees despite playing one of the top defenses in the league last week passed for near 300 yards and added 3 touchdowns.  As these Atlanta - Saints go you know that they are prone to explode into shootouts.  In the first matchup it was the run game that was the talk of the town.  But with Darren Sproles back I look for that great secondary to be challenged.  Expect big stuff Thursday.

3. Tom Brady  - - Tom Brady and the Pats have won 3 of their last four games by margins of more than 30 points. Yikes!  The Dolphins defense finally came to play for the first time in a month last week but Russell Wilson was still able to exploit the back end.  I look for Terrific Tom to keep it up.

4.  Matthew Stafford   - -  Matthew Stafford finally exploded on Thanksgiving throwing for 450 yards.  The Colts secondary is not equipped to handle all these shootouts that Andrew Luck's high scores are putting them in.  Calvin is getting his groove back and you throw in an injury questionmark to Mikell Leshoure and you start Stafford with confidence.

5. Cam Newton - - Cam looked glorious Monday night.  He'll be able to string consecutive god games on what could be another blowout against the woeful Chiefs.  Kansas City is in the Matt Barkley sweepstakes so they have little to play for.  Their starting free safety just got reinjured so look for SuperCam to score on the ground and air.

6. Eli Manning - Eli has struggled all year and he's been hurt by his injuries to his skill players unlike in previous years.  Hakeem Nicks seems to be getting better and Manning gets the generous Redskin secondary this week in what should be a game with offensive fireworks.  The first game had high theatrics and tons of big passing yardage only not so much from Eli.  I still like the streak he's on.

7.  Peyton Manning                             13. Andrew Luck

8.  Matt Ryan                                     14. Josh Freeman

9.  Tony Romo                                   15. Joe Flacco

10. Robert Griffin                               16. Carson Palmer

11. Phillip Rivers                                17. Andy Dalton

12. Matt Schaub                                18. Colin Kaepernick


1. Arian Foster - Arian Foster has just been business like in his retention of fantasy's top player.  He quietly is producing a healthy dynamite season on one of the best teams in the NFL, playing with leads, getting 25-35 touches a game and scoring consistently.  Ben Tate has been banged up and Justin Forsett is no threat to steal touches.  I'm impressed because he seemed to be immature and brittle but this guy is all stud this year.

2. Adrian Peterson - - As a blogger you got to admit when you're wrong and I was wrong in being apprehensive about AP and his injury.  He has been impervious and impressive as the main option in the minnesota and should have no problem running over a Green Bay defense that was soundly beaten Sunday night on the ground and by the pass.

3. Marshawn Lynch - - The Bears are allowing an alarming amount of rushing yards in the last month.  I don't know if it's the caliber of opponents or what but I'm going crazy and saying fear not the matchup and roll with Beastmode.  Seattle will need to play careful and that means keeping things on the ground.

4. Ray Rice - -Ray Rice had arguably the play of the year by converting that ridiculous 4th and 29.  Nevermind the missed block in the back or the misplacement of the ball.  Ray Rice continues to fuel the entire Raven offense.  He gets a tough matchup against Pittsburgh but he'll be utilized heavily in the passing game to make up for it.

5. Frank Gore - - Frank Gore will have to pick up the slack if Alex Smith is to miss any time.  But it's always fun to watch how a running threat at quarterback helps the tailback so much.  Chris Johnson's best days came with Vince Young which is what Colin Kaepernick basically is.  Look for Frank Gore to be big especially against one of the worst defenses against the run in the league.

6. Jamaal Charles - - The lone bright spot on offense for KC is this guy.  He went over 100 yards against a very tough defense and he did it in consistent gash and slashes, never breaking one and thus all the more impressive.  Peyton Hillis has not been the change of pace so he has carried this team on offense and will continue to do so.

7. Doug Martin -  Doug Martin had another solid if not splashy game against the Falcons.  We started getting used to those 3+ TD 200+ yard rushing games that he had put together for the last two or three games.  Still the Muscle Hamster is someone who needs to be in your lineup.  Denver's defense couldn't stop Jamaal Charles with 8 in the box so why will they be able to against he best rookie back in the league.

8. Chris Johnson - -CJ2K may not be back to that pace but he is a solid bet especially with Jake Locker the scrambler as the starting QB.  Houston has not brought the defense really since their bye week and they are not to be feared anymore.  Chris Johnson would not surprise me to have a 150 yard two touchdown day.

9. Trent Richardson  - - The Oakland Raiders sure are playing terrible defense.  Trent Richardson is abusing whatever team lines up against him and if Colt McCoy gets the start look for a ridiculous amount of touches - like 30-40 carries.  Talk about players finally looking heathy, Trent is on that list.  The Raiders just made the Law Firm look like a Pro Bowler.

10. Alfred Morris - -Alfred Morris will surpass 1000 yards in this game.  He just had a huge day against a solid run defense against Dallas on Thanksgiving and might surprise against the Giants who had an answer for RG3 in the first game.  I like the fresh legs and the spark that he brings to the Skins.

11. C.J. Spiller - - With Fred Jackson on a snap count- there is little threat to C.J. Spiller's touches.  He has really broken out this year and the Bills offense has opened holes for whomever is back there.  The Jaguars have allowed near every runningback to have season best perfomances against them.

12. Ryan Mathews - - This is the time of the year that San Diego really starts to come on.  Maybe it's the usual September hole that they have to crawl out of or perhaps it's just the time that everyone gets healthy.  Ryan Mathews has offered up serviceable average fantasy games the last handful of weeks and I don't know about you but I'll take the consistent allright back against a sporadic stunner loser bet.



13. Reggie Bush - It's a big risk ranking Reggie Bush this high with him being in the doghouse and performing poorly recently.  But he's been dynamic enough to show that you will look pretty silly sitting this guy.  If you got the stones to start and win with him than you are bold.  He had a pretty touchdown last year though

14.  Stevan Ridley                        26. Rashad Jennings

15.  Bryce Brown                           27. Shonne Greene

16.  Michael Turner                       28. Darren McFadden

17.  Steven Jackson                      29. DeMarco Murray

18.  Ahmad Bradshaw                   30. Vick Ballard

19.  Matt Forte                             31. Daniel Thomas

20.  Knowshon Moreno                  32. Michael Bush

21.  Mikell Leshoure                     33. Donald Brown

22.  BenJarvis Green Ellis              34. Reshard Mendenhall

23.  Darren Sproles                      35. Mark Ingram

24.  Fred Jackson                         36. Beanie Wells

25.  Marcel Reece                         37. DeAngelo Williams


1.  Calvin Johnson - Megatron in the last month has finally decided to start making some fantasy waves, catching touchdowns and decimating corners.  The Colts secondary surely is among the worst in football, no doubt that he'll feast on Sunday.  Thanks for staying patient with the No.1 overall WR draft pick - hopefully he didn't cost your team too much this year.

2. A.J. Green- Another game and another gigantic touchdown for fantasy's most consistent stud receiver.  Cincinnati opened some eyes in their blowout of the Raiders and Green was in front of the great performance.  The Chargers defense has been playing better but not against football's budding star.

3. DeMaryius Thomas - -Eric Decker has to feel like the jilted ex girlfriend after Peyton's top options in the passing game have become Joel Dreesen and DeMaryius.  Thomas is playing with an elite quarterback for the first time in his career and the results are a testament to his big time skill level.

4. Victor Cruz - -Victor Cruz hasn't given us a big game for almost a month.  But he is the salsa dancer for a reason and I'm predicting a comeback game for the Giants in a must passing situation.  In the first matchup between the Skins and New York it was a dramatic 70+ yard touchdown in the waning minutes that was the game winner.

5. Roddy White - -Roddy White has fallen off the the radar for November strangely after a great start to the season.  We'll have to monitor if the 30 year old wear on his body may wain him down for the close of the year but he'll have as good a chance as any in the Thursday night shooutout against the Saints.


6. Andre Johnson  - -Andre Johnson is back to full health and full terror for Houston.  As weird as it sounds, the worse the Texans play on defense the more they'll lean on the best player in their franchise history.  The Titans secondary didn't seem to have an answer for Cecil Shorts and Chad Henne so look for easy breezin' from Andre.

7. Dez Bryant - - Dez Bryant has been on again off again all year but when he's on you ride him and right now he's white hot.  Another 150 yard performance and constant looks from Tony Romo on Thanksgiving and now he gets an Eagles secondary that just snoozed through a short week in the Monday night debacle against the Panthers.

8. Vincent Jackson - - Vincent Jackson has trailed off a tad after a furious October.  Still he is their touchdown weapon and downfield threat whose number they'll have to call more than once to keep up with Peyton.  He has a nice track record against Denver too so he might know a few tricks to beat Champ Bailey.

9.  Marques Colston - - Marques Colston started the year injured that was certainly apparent and perhaps lead to the losing start for the proud Saints.  The Saints will need all their weapons to beat division leading Atlanta who came out focused and prepared for Tampa and perhaps they've righted what was a rocky ship a month back.

10. Jordy Nelson - - Aaron Rodgers is playing lights out to the surprise of no one.  Jordy Nelson has tragically missed a handful of games but the big red zone threat is practicing and looking healthy again.  Don't sit him in a game that could resemble the Houston debacle where he caught 3 touchdowns.  



11. Miles Austin - - Miles Austin just laid a goose-egg on the stat sheet which may scare you into benching him for the Sunday night game but don't.  The Eagles in addition to not playing sound defense kinda look like they've given up.  Tony Romo might have a field day and Austin could be on the receiving end of it.

12. Julio Jones- - Alright!  Welcome back Julio, despite being an iffy question mark to even play he took the top of the Tampa secondary and scored routinely on big plays made mostly by him.  In his less than two years he seems to be a troubling injury risk-yet gigantic big play reward if healthy.  Atlanta will need his talents Thursday.

13. Hakeem Nicks - Speaking of getting healthy Hakeem Nicks put on a clinic in a key game against the Packers that will determine playoff positioning.  He was targeted heavily and despite reports of limping in pregame warmups was able to adjust and cut with ease.  He may not be 100% but a 79& Hakeem is still getting it done.  The Redskins secondary by the way is 31st against the pass.  Whoa yeah!

14.  Pierre Garcon                           28. Danny Amendola

15.  Reggie Wayne                         29. Michael Crabtree

16.  Wes Welker                            30. Lance Moore

17.  Randall Cobb                          31. Greg Jennings

18.  Brandon Marshall                     32. Percy Harvin

19.  Eric Decker                              33. Mike Wallace

20.  Danario Alexander                   34. Sidney Rice

21.  Stevie Johnson                        35. Mike Williams

22.  Steve Smith                             36. Ryan Broyles

23.  Denarius Moore                        37. Brian Hartline

24.  Torrey Smith                            38. Jeremy Maclin

25.  Justin Blackmon                        39. Dwayne Bowe

26.  Larry Fitzgerald                         40. Antonio Brown

27.  Cecil Shorts



1.  Vernon Davis  - - The 49ers will now need Kaepernick to pass the ball to win.  Running will come easy against Saint Louis but hopefully it will open up things for the best receiver for the 49ers.  They showed a nice rapport on the Midnight game against the Bears but disappeared against the Saints.

2. Antonio Gates - -his may be a matchup Phillip Rivers can exploit again and to win this game points will be at a premium ala high scoring affair.  There's no way this fantasy stud can continue to put up 2 catch teen yard performances.

3.  Tony Gonzalez  - Tony Gonzalez (sounds odd to say) is having a career year in what could be his last.  Clearly he wants a ring and beating the Saints is the next step toward achieving that goal.

4.  Jason Witten                         8.  Greg Olsen


5.  Jimmy Graham                      9.  Owen Daniels

6.  Brandon Pettigrew                  10. Jermaine Gresham

7.  Aaron Hernandez


1. Houston Texans -- Something is wrong with Houston's defense.  Jonathan Joseph may miss this game too but I'll take a turnover prone Jake Locker and hope that J.J. Watt dominates as usual.

2.San Francisco  - - We're eyeing a game without Danny Amendola, but keep in mind how hard the Rams played them the first go round.  That was with Alex Smith.  This game will be different.

3. Chicago Bears - - The Seahawks are not a great matchup against Chicago because they play smart fooballl that can hurt a defense w/o turnover and by running the ball.  But Charles Tillman alone can score you points in bunches.  It's a hard week to love defenses so play your usuals.

4. Cincinnati Bengals                 8.  Denver Broncos

5. Baltimore Ravens                  9.  New England Patriots

6. Dallas Cowboys                    10.  Cleveland Browns

7. New York Jets

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