Week 12 Rewind

Macon TelegraphNovember 28, 2012 


Top Scorer: Cam Newton

    I had the misfortune of playing Cam in both of my public leagues and thusly, lost them both and am now at a question mark at 6-6 and 7-5 in both.  4 touchdowns will put on a smile on anyone's face and he comfortably crossed 300 yards passing and 50 yards rushing and if you watched Monday night his receivers were wide and I mean wide open.  That Philly defense should not be owned for any reason.

Honorable Mention: RG3

    In reality the Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin rookie of the year debate is much closer than in the fantasy realm.  It's all Griff and his touchdown happy ways.  He added 4 more this past Thanksgiving and crossed 300 yards again.  He stayed in the pocket too which is a testament to his development as a passer rushing for only 29 yards.  If you have a keeper league I don't need to tell you what to do.

Goat: Carson Palmer / Josh Freeman

     Carson Palmer usually has been getting garbage salvation for fantasy owners but he really found nothing going against his former team.  He's getting no help from a banged up Heyward-Bey and a strangely silent Denarius Moore.  He didn't even crack 150 yards against Cincy and tossed a pick and a lone touchdown.  Josh Freeman got average yardage with 256 yards but no touchdowns in what was supposed to be a shootout with a division rival.


Top Scorer: Bryce Brown

   Bryce Brown seems to have a clear problem with fumbling.  But that may be it.  No one is fearing Nick Foles and the Eagles offense is all Bryce Brown.  This guy was at one point the No.2 high school runningback in the nation and he found trouble at Tennessee and then Kansas State.  Went undrafted and he used Monday night and LeSean's concussion as an opportunity to showcase his skills.  His cutbacks and turned corners were nothing short of magic.  Sounds like he could get the start Sunday night against Dallas too.  To review his damage: 178 yards rushing, 2 touchdowns and 4 catches in the pass game.

Honorable Mention: Arian Foster

   Had Justin Forsett not been granted that blown call touchdown, Arian might have had an even better day.  The only thing the Detriot defense is doing well is crotch kicks at this point as Schaub went off again and Arian had plenty of running room.  He crossed the 100 yard threshold, scored twice and was a big option in the pass game with 5 catches.  With Houston's defense strangely fading he'll be called on more and more.

Goat: Darren Sproles / Matt Forte

   Darren Sproles is looking like he's found a new role in the newly crowded New Orleans backfield.  And that is not running at all and seldom used in the return game too as he recovers from his hand injury.  But all of his touches are split between Ivory and Ingram now.  He still is a good PPR option but I'm putting him on this list because I expected more.  Matt Forte only managed 42 yards before re aggravating his high ankle sprain and losing a fumble.  He may have cost fantasy owners a championship unless someone can run out and grab Knowshon or Bryce Brown with the quickness.


Top Scorer: Julian Edelman

   Julian Edelman again on the top list?  Believe it.  Again he played a big role both in the offense with 64 yards and a touchdown and on special teams.  Now most public leagues won't score his fumble recovery touchdown but if you play in an IDP league than that was big.  His fumble recovery house was just another blemish on a horrid turkey day for New York.

Honorable Mention: Dez Bryant

    Who woke the Cracken Bryant?  Dez has been on fire and alongside Andre Johnson and Calvin looks to be the best receiver in the game in the last month.  Perhaps he's finally healthy or finally focused but either way he's making Romo look better and he's scoring which is big.  He caught two touchdowns on 8 catches and was the only real reason the Cowboys had any competitive chance against the Skins on thanksgiving.

Goat: Mike Wallace / Dwayne Bowe

   In August these two receivers were both in long holdouts that made them miss near all of the preseason as they are plaing the last year of their contracts.  Now they both just wish they had anyone else throwing them the ball.  Ryan Lindley at this point may be passing better than Batch or Brady Quinn.  These guys have immense talent but you should seriously bench both as long as they are producing 4 catch 41 performances like Dwayne or worse the 1 catch 9 yard outing from Wallace.


Top Scorer: Charles Clay

   Who?  The former Tulsa runningback exploded for an unlikely huge day this past week.  This wasn't just a long score aberration either as he caught 6 catches for 84 yards.  Now while I wouldn't reccomend running out and added this guy off of the waiver wire, he certainly is watch list worthy after this performance.  Where is Anthony Fasano?

Honorable Mention: Gary Barnidge

   When I saw that first touchdown from Cam on Monday night I thought that the stat trackers had messed that up and misalocated Greg Olsen's touchdown.  I had to rewind the DVR to see yep, it was the backup tight end.  I suppose that's a good explanation why no one covered him.  If you play IDP he got you a fumble recovery too in the second half.

Goat:  Antonio Gates / Vernon Davis

   It seems like forever ago that Antonio Gates caught two first half touchdowns as San Diego built a big lead over division rival Denver that they would eventually lose.  Sorta like a euphemism for how the Charger season has gone where you see glimpses of greatness only to let you down at the end.  The Chargers needed Gates and instead found Danario Alexander.  Gates had two catches for 13 yards.  But even that was better than Vernon who again had a goose egg on the stat sheet which has happened an alarming number of times this year


Top Scorer: New England Patriots

   More impressive than 5 turnover and 2 defensive touchdowns is doing it against a divison rival that usually plays them tough that they could have overlooked cause of their record.  The Jets got their yards eclipsing 400 but the Patriots harassed Sanchez into a litany of turnovers and two sacks.  The special teams big plays have become a usual thing for the well coached Bellichick team.

Honorable Mention: San Francisco 49ers / Saint Louis Rams

   San Francisco wasn't supposed to do that to New Orleans.  The Saints were at home and had everything to play for against a backup quarterback but San Fran won the game on the side of the ball they are the best at, defense!  5 sacks and 2 defensive touchdowns were too much to overcome for the Saints who were held under 300 yards - no small feat.  The Rams forced 4 picks against rookie Lindley (why is he starting by the way?)  and really Janoris Jenkins was the star with two pick sixes that were pretty much right at him.

Goat: Green Bay Packers

     Is Clay Matthews that important to the Packers?  They really are banged up though long removed from missing Nick Perry and Charles Woodson.  Still the Giants had way too much push in the trenches and those rookies starting in the secondary are allowing gashing amounts of yards.  They were lousy on 3rd down and only got one sack against a banged up New York Unit.  It'll be an interesting matchup next week because if the Vikings win, it could really set them back in winning the division.

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