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Macon TelegraphNovember 24, 2012 


     Sleeper: Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford has done well the past handful of weeks throwing for multiple touchdowns in the last two weeks.  In Week 15 he'll play a Minnesota defense that is surrendering the second most points to fantasy quarterbacks and then he gets a tasty matchup in Championship week against at Tampa who's secondary has struggled stopping anyone this year.  Plus he's available in most leagues, so re-examine your backup quarterback if you're primed for a postseason birth.

     Trade Away: Tom Brady / Robert Griffin the 3rd

Tom Brady is simple.  The Patriots should have the division locked up soon and will be in sit your starter mode.  Plus he gets the best defense in the league Week 15 which could spell your doom and then might only play a half against Jacksonville Week 16.  Robert Griffin I trade away for the injury risk because of his running style, and because of his opponents.  Cleveland although not a great record has been beating up quarterbacks and causing turnovers, and Philadelphia will play with a chip on their shoulder after getting embarrased last time around.

     Trade For: Cam Newton / Aaron Rodgers

Thankfully Cam Newton is a fantasy star and his record sucks therefore he'll still be giving it his all late in the season.  Plus in the playoffs he gets to smear two AFC West opponents which you should no stands for the no defense division - Oakland and San Diego.  Aaron Rodgers usually has things locked up by now but the Bears will keep him on the field trying to win that division.  While he does get Chicago in Week 15, I think he'll need to pass a ton and therefore is worthy of a start, meanwhile the Titans are surrendering the 5th most fantasy points to QBs so he'll certainly lock up a championship for someone should you get that far.



       Sleeper: Jonathan Stewart 

For the same reason I said trade for Cam Newton is the reason I'm saying go add Jonathan Stewart.  The Chargers and Oakland will be pounded by the Panthers and Jonathan Stewart might just win some lucky owner a championship.  He's finally healthy and ready to go off.

      Trade Away: Arian Foster / Ray Rice

When I say trade away I mean to say get your value.  We are talking about two of the best in fantasy football here with these two studs, but nonetheless, with the Roethlisberger injury Baltimore is the clear favorite to win their division and Houston might clinch a playoff spot this weekend!  What does that mean?  The curse of the snapcount and teams resting their stars for an NFL playoff run which will hurt your fantasy real one.

     Trade For: Doug Martin / Reggie Bush

The Muscle Hamster is the star and fantasy rookie of the year for sure.  He gets juicy matchups when it counts most too.  The Saints in Week 15 are historically bad meanwhile the Rams defense is solid against the pass and that's it.  He should have no problems trucking over the Rams and LeGerrette is firmly on the bench and no threat to steal touches.  The Dolphins look to be home for the holidays and Reggie will resurrect himself I believe.  He'll have two home games against the Jaguars in Week 15 which will surely punch your ticket to a championship date with Buffalo in Week 16.


Wide Receivers:

     Sleeper: DeSean Jackson

I still maintain that Nick Foles will get it together.  He gets rid of the ball quicker too than Michael Vick and therefore exploits the best part of Jackson's game - the deep ball.  The Bengals might be a tricky test in Week 15 but he's the one to own in Championship week as he takes on a Washington secondary that surrenders the second most fantasy points to wide receivers. 

     Trade Away: A.J. Green / Reggie Wayne

This studs this year will face daunting matchups come championship time.  A.J. Green has two road games against solid defenses in the Eagles and Steelers who can harass Andy Dalton and affect his output.  Reggie has two road contest as well against the mighty Texans and a Chiefs defense that is still playing despite the atrocity on the other side of the ball.

     Trade For: Dez Bryant / Andre Johnson

Both of these guys are coming on at the right time.  Dez Bryant is going super phoneix and if he can stay healthy he'll get the porous Saints defense in Week 16 after a Pittsburgh team in Week 15.  Andre Johnson is healthy for the first time in years and you're seeing the results.  The guy who was the consensus top wide receiver for about 5 fantasy drafts is making people notice.  He only need worry about the Texans clinching their division early.


Tight Ends

     Sleeper: Dennis Pitta / Marcedes Lewis

Dennis is battling a concussion in an injury ravaged season but he'll get two pretty good matchups in the playoffs.  The Broncos are surrendering the second most fantasy points to tight ends (Week 15) meanwhile the Giants on the follow-up week are giving up the 9th most.  Sounds enticing. Plus Chad Henne reinvigorates Marcedes Lewis potential who just had his first big day since the David Garrard days last week.

    Trade Away: Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels might have to sit if Houston clinches early especially if they lock up homefield advantage.  Plus the Texans are really starting to utilize their other two tight ends more in James Casey and Garrett Graham.  Graham just had a huge day last week against the Jags.

   Trade For: Brent Celek

Andy Reid's legacy will be that he passed too much and run not enough.  If he's going out guns blazing he'll keep the ball in the air even if Nick Foles is out there.  I had DeSean as a sleeper earlier, meanwhile the Bengals are giving up the 7th most fantasy points to tight ends and the Skins are the most vulnerable for championship week



     Sleeper: Oakland Raiders

Man I have to be drunk to say the the Raiders are the top fantasy defense right?  The Chiefs are playing 1920s football right now and they will be one of the best Week 15 starts on defense, meanwhile the Panthers and Cam Newton have been turnover prone at times.  They are giving fantasy defenses the 6th most points in special teams as well as turnover touchdowns.

    Trade Away: Atlanta Falcons / Denver Broncos

Both of these teams are going to ease up on the gas pedal as they start to pull away in their division races.  They will have little to play for especially come Week 16 which is what you don't want when it counts.  Examine better options especially if it's the last week you play.

    Trade For: San Francisco / New England

San Francisco might have their division clinched up but you want to risk it because of how off the charts they have been this season.  They are a turnover machine that can shut down anyone.  The Patriots meanwhile are embarassing teams left and right.  They get the average 49ers in Week 15 but might have the best Week 16 defensive matchup in the Jaguars

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