From the locker room: 'Little people can't block big people'

semerson@macon.comNovember 24, 2012 

Quotes from players and the coordinators after Georgia's 42-10 rout of Georgia Tech on Saturday:

TODD GRANTHAM, defensive coordinator

On Georgia Tech:

"That offense is pretty much a wishbone. You go back to the way Oklahoma used to run it. I mean we can talk about it all we want but it's really a wishbone offense the way that Oklahoma used to run it. So you've gotta play it that way. It's real critical you get your backers in the alley. You got fast linebackers like Tree, good things happen."

More on Georgia Tech:

"When we played Florida it was a lot more physical. So I wouldn't say it's a physical offense. Little people can't block big people. And that's why little people cut. That's why you do what you do, is to get an advantage, little people are going to try to cut you. ... I think what they do is good, but we've played in more physical games."

On Georgia Tech's total yards, but lack of points:

"It's a little bit reversed from the old run-and-shoot (offense) as far as yards go. The most important thing is points. And when you're up like we're up ... They had three points going into the third quarter."

How the Georgia defense is playing:

"I think that we're playing as well as we've played as at any time (in the past three years). Stats are irrelevant from the standpoint of the most important thing is to win the game. And because of the continiuty that we've established, really from Game 5 on, I think our guys stayed the course, got better each week. It wasn't pretty those first few games. But really from the Florida game on they've played really consistent and played the way we've all expected them to."

CHRISTIAN ROBINSON, senior linebacker

On the SEC championship game:

"Whenever you play Alabama you're gonna get their best shot. They didn't get a chance to play for the SEC championship last year. So I know they're gonna come in giving everything they have. They're always well-coached, they've always got some of the best players in the country. We have the same."

Have you changed some minds the past few weeks?

"I think so. I'm just glad my house is safe right now. But we're heading in the right direction. ... I know where they got the eggs. They left the crate outside. They shop where I shop. They shop at Earth Fare."

SANDERS COMMINGS, senior cornerback

Difficulty going from two week vs. triple option and now vs. pro style?

"I don't think so. It's what we face the 10 other weeks. So it shouldn't be a problem adjusting back to it."

Defense is back to 2011 form:

"We've been lights-out pretty much the whole second half of the season. The offense is playing well, and so is the defense. The special teams has been playing well also. So I think things look good for us going into the SEc championship."

Underdogs in Atlanta or not?

"I'm sure it'll go both ways. Some people will like us and some people will like Alabama. It's just the way it is."

JARVIS JONES, junior linebacker

Underdogs in Atlanta?

"Man people are always putting us on the bottom of the poll. So for us as a team, as a program, we just look all past that. We can only control what we do here, for us to go out and have the best practices we can, and get out on Saturdays and execute."

Being the last guy to walk through Dawg Walk:

"Our fans support us every week. People really don't know what it means to be a player and get that much support from the fans. They write me on Facebook, they tweet me. So any chance I get to give back I try to. I take pictures, I sign autographs during the Dawg Walk. I try to hug our slap everybody's hand I can."

MIKE BOBO, defensive coordinator

Is this team any more prepared for the SEC championship than last year?

"Obviously playing in that game is big. And there's a lot of guys that have played in that game that can draw from that experience. So I think it's nothing but a plus for us. Having a quarterback that's played in it, having all those skills play in it minus the running backs, having almost the whole defense play in it last year. But that team on the other side has played in that game and played in big ballgames too. So I don't think it's gonna be an advantage but it definitely won't hurt us."

The reason the offense has been successful:

"We've been very efficient about throwing the ball on first and second down the last three or four weeks. When you're able to throw the ball on first and second down it opens up the run game. And we give those backs some space, they're making some plays."

Offense now has most points in program history:

"I thought (before the season) we had a chance to be pretty good because of the skill at receiver and at quarterback. If we could get some pieces at the line of scrimmages, I knew we were gonna be a smart group and a smart quarterback, and if we could do that (get linemen) we'd have a chance to throw the ball around and take some pressure off the young backs. And we were able to do that. We were able to make plays out wide. The quarterback has been able to be very accurate. ... You've gotta put a lot of credit on those young backs too: They're very smart kids, they're conscientous, they work extremely hard, they made the most out of every opportunity they've had."

TAVARRES KING, senior receiver

Playing the SEC championship:

"We've been in this situation before. I think we're gonna handle it a little different. (How so?) I just feel this is a different team, all around, an all-aroound different team. A different mindset."

ALEC OGLETREE, junior linebacker

Getting 15 tackles:

"It didn't (feel like that). I didn't think I had that many tackles. I didn't find out till I got in here."

On his various piledrives of players:

(Laughing). "It just happened. Coach tells us to get to the ball and wrap up, and I was just probably spinning, and ended up picking them up and slamming."

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