Whuta Start!? Fantasy Week Twelve Matchups

Macon TelegraphNovember 22, 2012 


1.  Aaron Rodgers - - Jordy Nelson had a quiet game last week but no matter to Aaron Rodgers as the defending MVP found Jermichael Finley again and had a key game winning drive to beat Detroit.  The talk of the week is the potential return of Greg Jennings, but either way the Giants defense should pose no threat to this team that wins by throwing the football period.  Sorry James Starks.

2.  Drew Brees - - Drew Brees has a pretty tough matchup but before you consider benching your star signal caller, remember how he dissected the 49ers in the playoffs last year.  If anything you should hope this game is close.  Jimmy Graham is back at an elite level and I would not be surprised to see a 350 yard two touchdown game even against the leagues best defense.

3. Tom Brady  - - Tom Brady struggled in the first matchup against the Jets as Rex Ryan always seems to have something special for his despised Patriots but you still have to like terrific Tom.  Among the most impressive things he's done this year is the next man up mentality... cut Deion Branch and now Julian Edelman is a star, Hernandez and Gronk down with injuries?  No Problem.  Welker and Lloyd having off days?  Just check down to Vereen and Ridley.  Don't worry about the Gronk injury in the least.

4.  Matthew Stafford   - -  Matthew Stafford has not looked like himself this year at all.  It troubles me and anyone else that figured he was a no brainer top 5 QB draft pick.  But if you sacrificed that high of selection on him you must roll with him and hope he eventually gets out of his funk.  He outplayed Aaron Rodgers for at least a half last week but has a tough matchup against Houston.  He retains this high of a ranking though because the normally stout Texan D just made Chad Henne look like a Pro Bowler.

5. Cam Newton - - Cam needs to be renamed Towel Pout.  At least for the last handful of late lost games that has been his M.O.  Cam Newton needs to do a RG3 impression and not the other way around.  He gets a Philly defense that Griffin just torched, and maybe losing hope with Andy Reid.  Look for Super Cam to demoralize them further.

6. Eli Manning - Eli has struggled all year and he's been hurt by his injuries to his skill players unlike in previous years.  Hakeem Nicks seems to be getting better and Manning gets the banged up Packers secondary that isn't stopping anybody right now.  Eli will need to pass a lot to win in this one too.

7.  Peyton Manning                             13. Andrew Luck

8.  Matt Ryan                                     14. Josh Freeman

9.  Tony Romo                                   15. Joe Flacco

10. Robert Griffin                               16. Carson Palmer

11. Phillip Rivers                                17. Andy Dalton

12. Matt Schaub                                18. Colin Kaepernick


1. Arian Foster - Arian Foster has just been business like in his retention of fantasy's top player.  He quietly is producing a healthy dynamite season on one of the best teams in the NFL, playing with leads, getting 25-35 touches a game and scoring consistently.  Ben Tate has been banged up and Justin Forsett is no threat to steal touches.  I'm impressed because he seemed to be immature and brittle but this guy is all stud this year.

2. Ray Rice - - The biggest complaint will always be why Cam Cameron doesn't use Ray Rice as much.  Baltimore is just high after their 55 point scoring blowout of the Raiders but as usual the game was keyed by Joe Flacco and not the wild running of Ray Rice.  This dual threat is such a weapon but easily the most underutilized of the top options.

3. Adrian Peterson - - As a blogger you got to admit when you're wrong and I was wrong in being apprehensive about AP and his injury.  He has been impervious and impressive as the main option in the minnesota and should have no problem running over a Detroit team that has great players but seems to give ground and leverage in the ground game.

4. Marshawn Lynch - - Seattle plays the dreaded early Sunday game for a west coast team which for whatever reason the Mojo always seems to favor the home team.  So even with Beast mode coming out potentially flat, you have to start him because he's a stud.  Plus, Miami's normally stout defense has been generous in embarassments to the Titans and Buffalo.

5. Frank Gore - - Frank Gore will have to pick up the slack if Alex Smith is to miss any time.  But it's always fun to watch how a running threat at quarterback helps the tailback so much.  Chris Johnson's best days came with Vince Young which is what Colin Kaepernick basically is.  Look for Frank Gore to be big especially against one of the worst defenses in the league.

5. Jamaal Charles - - The lone bright spot on offense for KC is this guy.  He went over 100 yards against a very tough defense and he did it in consistent gash and slashes, never breaking one and thus all the more impressive.  Peyton Hillis has not been the change of pace so he has carried this team on offense and will continue to do so.

6. Reggie Bush - -This is really high considering that Reggie Bush may be in the doghouse, but Miami is reeling and may not have a choice.  After his fumble last week, it turned into the Daniel Thomas show but make no mistake - Bush is the top offensive threat for this team.  I would be stunned if he sits on a national spotlight.

7. Doug Martin -  Doug Martin had another solid if not splashy game against Carolina.  We started getting used to those 3+ TD 200+ yard rushing games that he had put together for the last two or three games.  Still the Muscle Hamster is someone who needs to be in your lineup.  Atlanta's run defense is atrocious and just gave LaRod Stephens Howling a career day.

8. Chris Johnson - -CJ2K may not be back to that pace but he is a solid bet especially with Jake Locker the scrambler as the starting QB.  Jacksonville should have beaten one of the better teams in football had they fielded any defense.  That bodes well for one of the bigger huge gain threats at tailback.

9. Alfred Morris - -Alfred Morris has failed to give us an impressive game in a month or so.  I worry about Dallas' run defense as well with Bruce Carter turning into a beast, he gives the best shots on defense on a weekly basis.  Hopefully the threat of Robert Griffin helps out but I would give a wary start here as the Cowboys are always a threat to lose big in embarrassing fashion.  Not usually on Turkey day though.

10. C.J. Spiller - - With Fred Jackson on a snap count- there is little threat to C.J. Spiller's touches.  He has really broken out this year and the Bills offense has opened holes for whomever is back there.  The Colts have been so-so in run defense but C.J is on a historic pace in terms of yards per touch.

11. Trent Richardson - - We may finally be looking at a healthy Trent Richardson and he is the beast that he appeared in college.  He did some impressive work against a strong Dallas defense.  Pittsburgh has been their usual shut down squad on defense but Brandon Weeden may determine how well Trent fares because if the Steelers can load the box, it may limit his fantasy value.

12. Ryan Mathews - - Baltimore had a nice defensive performance against the run on three down Steelers.  Ryan Matthews sure has let down any owner that ranked him in their top 5-7 runningbacks.  Injuries and ineptitude, We'll keep hoping for a good game but I'm losing faith in this guy.  I do think San Diego will beat the Ravens in a cross country game so I have to like the runningback on the victorious team right?

13. Reggie Bush - It's a big risk ranking Reggie Bush this high with him being in the doghouse and performing poorly recently.  But he's been dynamic enough to show that you will look pretty silly sitting this guy.  If you got the stones to start and win with him than you are bold.

14.  Stevan Ridley                        26. Jalen Parmalee

15.  Michael Turner                       27. Shonne Greene

16.  Matt Forte                             28. Bryce Brown

17.  Ronnie Hillman                      29. Reshard Mendenhall

18.  Ahmad Bradshaw                   30. Andre Brown

19.  Steven Jackson                      31. Darren McFadden

20.  Mikell Leshoure                      32. LaRod Stephens Howling

21.  Law Firm                                33. Vick Ballard

22.  Darren Sproles                       34. Daniel Thomas

23.  Fred Jackson                         35. Donald Brown

24.  Marcel Reece                         36. Mark Ingram

25.  Felix Jones                            37. Jonathan Dwyer


1.  Calvin Johnson - Megatron has underperformed to his own superstandards that he set last year.  But you have to continue to roll with him, trust me, the week you consider benching him is the week he'll catch 3 touchdowns and 200 yards recieving.   Like he did last week

2. A.J. Green- Another game and another gigantic touchdown for fantasy's most consistent stud receiver.  Cincinnati opened some eyes in their blowout of the Chiefs and Green was in front of the great performance.  Oakland's back seven shouldn't scare anyone so start him with confidence.

3. DeMaryius Thomas - -Eric Decker has to feel like the jilted ex girlfriend after Peyton's top options in the passing game have become Joel Dreesen and DeMaryius.  Thomas is playing with an elite quarterback for the first time in his career and the results are a testament to his big time skill level.

4. Victor Cruz - -Victor Cruz hasn't given us a big game for almost a month.  But he is the salsa dancer for a reason and I'm predicting a comeback game for the Giants in a must passing situation.  Hakeem Nicks' improved health should only improve his prospects.  No Charles Woodson, no problem?

5. Roddy White - -Julio Jones is a big question mark again.  Meanwhile Matt Ryan will be needed as Michael Turner continues to fade and the once glory undefeated darlings will be in a division grudgematch against Tampa Bay.  It sounds strange to type that they'll have to keep up with the Buccs offense but that 's the truth.

6. Vincent Jackson - - Vincent Jackson is proving that Phillip Rivers wasn't the key to his success.  For a receiver drafted down in the late 20s of wideouts off the board he is putting up top ten numbers and a consistent threat to house a score each week.  The Falcons secondary is a strength but he's one of the best touchdown threats for red zone of any wide receiver.




7. Andre Johnson  - -Andre Johnson is back to full health and full terror for Houston.  As weird as it sounds, the worse the Texans play on defense the more they'll lean on the best player in their franchise history.  The Lions secondary gave up the game to Green Bay last week and it wouldn't surprise me to see it happen on Thanksgiving too.

8. Dez Bryant - - Dez Bryant has been on again off again all year but when he's on you ride him and right now he's white hot.  A whopping 12 catches for almost 150 yards last week and they could be playing from behind quite a bit in this one as the Redskins are money with RG3.

9. Miles Austin  - -Speaking of Cowboys receivers.  I say start them both.  Miles Austin came up clutch at the end of the game as Dallas had a roaring comeback in a game they had no business winning.  Miles Austin is the safer consistent bet but he gobbles the catches while Dez is the redzone threat.

10.  Marques Colston - - Marques Colston started the year injured that was certainly apparent and perhaps lead to the losing start for the proud Saints.  However he was on fire like a player from NFL 2K the most recent games and he should feast on a 49er secondary no matter how good they are.

11. Jordy Nelson - - Aaron Rodgers is playing lights out to the surprise of no one.  Jordy Nelson has tragically missed a handful of games but the big red zone threat is practicing and looking healthy again.  Don't sit him in a game that could resemble the Houston debacle where he caught 3 touchdowns.  The Giant game has all the makings of a shootout.




12. Larry Fitzgerald- - It's downright tragic what is happening to Fitzie.  One catch games, 15 yard games - zero stat sheet games.  And now you get Ryan Lindley as your starting quarterback.  I usually never draft him but for whatever reason this year I own him in multiple leagues.  Poop.

13. Reggie Wayne - Reggie Wayne has made a case for the most consistent receiver in football this year win or lose.  Andrew Luck has breathed new life into the Colts and specifically reggie.  Buffalo's secondary played well against Miami but looked helpless against the Patriots.

14.  Wes Welker                             28. Julio Jones

15.  Randall Cobb                           29. Lance Moore

16.  Eric Decker                              30. Percy Harvin

17.  Brandon Marshall                     31. James Jones

18.  Denarius Moore                       32. Cecil Shorts

19.  Danario Alexander                   33. DeSean Jackson

20.  Hakeem Nicks                         34. Mike Williams

21.  Stevie Johnson                        35. Darryius Heyward Bey

22.  Steve Smith                             36. Sidney Rice

23.  Torrey Smith                             37. Brian Hartline

24.  Mike Wallace                            38. Jeremy Maclin

25.  Justin Blackmon                        39. Dwayne Bowe

26.  Danny Amendola                      40. Brandon Lloyd

27.  Michael Crabtree



1.  Vernon Davis  - - The 49ers will now need Kaepernick to pass the ball to win.  Running will come easy against New Orleans but hopefully it will open up things for the best receiver for the 49ers.  They showed a nice rapport on Monday night.

2. Antonio Gates - -his may be a matchup Phillip Rivers can exploit again and to win this game points will be at a premium ala high scoring affair.  I still don't believe in the Ravens defense.  Pittsburgh's offense isn't that challenging to shut down.

3.  Tony Gonzalez  - No Julio means that Gonzalez will be a prime weapon in the Atlanta offense.  The Buccs took away Greg Olsen last week so they could do it again, but Tony is balling in a career year

4.  Jason Witten                         8.  Brandon Pettigrew




5.  Jimmy Graham                      9.  Aaron Hernandez?

6.  Greg Olsen                          10. Martellus Bennett

7.  Kyle Rudolph


1.  Chicago Bears- The Bears were straight embarrassed on Monday by a running backup quarterback.  Christian Ponder isn't nearly as nimble and if he's missing Percy Harvin.  Look for a rebound here.

2. Houston Texans -- Something is wrong with Houston's defense.  Jonathan Joseph may miss this game too but I'll take a turnover prone Matt Stafford and hope that J.J. Watt dominates as usual.

3. Cincinnati Bengals - - While any defense can be started against Kansas City it was still nice to see them not overlook their opponent.  Can they make it two in a row against another puny AC West opponent.

4. Denver Broncos                      8.  Seattle Seahawks

5. Saint Louis Rams                   9.  Baltimore Ravens

6. Pittsburgh Steelers                 10.  Carolina Panthers

7. San Francisco 49ers

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