Week Eleven Overachievers

Macon TelegraphNovember 21, 2012 


Top Scorer: Robert Griffin 3rd

    What can you say about Robert Griffin?  This past Sunday may have given him the edge in the Rookie of the Year campaign as Andrew Luck struggled on the road while Robert Griffin was simply sensational against a respectable defense.  He had one incompletion against 4 touchdowns and a perfect passing rating.  He even added over 80 yards to keep the chains moving and effectively give the Eagles little chance.

Honorable Mention: Matt Schaub

    Matt Schaub is in the record books people, I don't think anyone saw this coming, against the Jaguars too off all strange circumstances.  But Houston was outplayed for much of Sunday and the Texans needed every inch of his 527 passing yards and 5 touchdowns.  The Andre Johnson 30+ yard game winner was the icing on the cake.  But Houston is too good of a team to consistently ask or expect this from Schaub but good to see the effort and potential out of the passing game here.

Goat: Matt Ryan / Joe Flacco

     Boy Atlanta really seems to play to their competition.  They play amazing teams close and struggle against the easy foes.  Matt Ryan rebounded with 300 passing yards but he tried to give it away with a whopping 5 interceptions.  This team without Julio Jones doesn't nearly pack the punch and seems to struggle against 3-4 teams as well.  Joe Flacco meanwhile came from fantasy star to fantasy dud as Torrey Smith continues his invisible man impersonation and no Dennis Pitta really made it easy to take the checkdown away in Baltimore.  He had 164 yards passing and no scores on a game that the Ravens were lucky to escape with as victors.


Top Scorer: La Rod Stephens Howling

   LaRod Stephens Howling just had a career day against the Falcons defense that has problems on the ground, that's the good news.  But Beanie Wells is back onto the active roster and looks to be starting this coming week.  But in retrospect, well done for the career backup who made the most of his opportunity and really was the only offensive producer for the pedestrian Cardinals last week.  He ripped off two big runs for 40 and 52 yards and finished with over 130 total yards and a touchdown.  And with that said you may now drop him.

Honorable Mention: Marcel Reece / Doug Martin / BenJarvis Green Ellis

   Marcel Reece will never be a strong starting option at the beginning of the season and his team may never have a chance to win a game, but his producing pretty steady nonetheless.  He's always made an impact in the passing game with 4 catches for 90 yards but he also surpassed 100 yards rushing.  Doug Martin was consistent as always totaling over 150 yards.  And the Law Firm had a 100 yard rushing day and a touchdown as Kansas City got beat down again.

Goat: Reggie Bush

   Okay so Reggie Bush fumbled.  Can we get over this?  He is the most explosive weapon on Miami's skill players but he'll never show it on the bench.  Daniel Thomas may be the goal line hammer but Reggie was phased out again last Thursday night.  He totaled 35 yards on 12 touches but perhaps it was the early deficit that hurt his impact in this game.  Miami is fading fast after a promising start and you may be faced with the consideration of benching this otherwise star.


Top Scorer: Julian Edelman

   Continuing the theme of LaRod Stephens Howling, this past week's top performer was an aberration.  Even with Gronkowski getting knocked out for the year, I don't see Julian doing this again as he made the Colts look pretty silly on the ground rushing for almost 50 yards, in the air catching a touchdown and in the return game getting over 100 yards and a second touchdown.

Honorable Mention: Andre Johnson

    Andre Johnson recently said he feels healthy for the first time in two years.  Like I said before, Houston has been annihilating teams so much that he hasn't been needed to put up like Houston teams past.  But when needed he's capable of this, a 14 catch near 300 yard performance and the game winning bomb touchdown in overtime.  Amidst speculation and doubt over his age, Johnson can still be the game breaker you drafted him to be.

Goat: Torrey Smith / DeSean Jackson

   In my Yahoo Public League I had Torrey Smith and I needed a meager 10 points.  An average solid bet if he catches a touchdown too.  For whatever reason Flacco's only option was Anquan and checkdowns to Ray Rice.  I don't know if Ike Taylor is that good or if Torrey is hiding an injury but he had one lone 4th quarter catch for 7 yards.  Bum.  DeSean Jackson may have had an even worse performance with only 2 catches for 5 yards and his team was playing out of a hole the entire night.  Again is DeAngelo Hall that good?


Top Scorer: Rob Gronkowski

   Like a true hero Gronk went down with guns blazing.  His last fantasy performance of the year was a two touchdown 7 catch 132 yard day.  Sadly though fantasy owners without a backup tight end may now have to scramble to get Brandon Myers.  Many may point angry fingers at the coach for letting him extra point block in a 59 point blowout day but so it goes.  I have no problem with it because the Patriots are injury riddled at the position and you can't play in fear of an injury this far out from the playoffs.

Honorable Mention: Garrett Graham

   Garrett Graham was on my radar last week in the monday night matchup against Chicago because Owen Daniels was ailing but this week was all Garrett.  On a day where Matt Schaub threw 3 of his touchdowns to tight ends, Garrett Graham caught two of them.  He wasn't just a redzone option either as he finished the day with 8 catches.  I'm still calling this a fluke game but if you believe in the watch list he sure is a strong candidate after Sunday.

Goat:  Antonio Gates

   It seems like forever ago that Antonio Gates caught two first half touchdowns as San Diego built a big lead over division rival Denver that they would eventually lose.  Sorta like a euphemism for how the Charger season has gone where you see glimpses of greatness only to let you down at the end.  The Chargers needed Gates and instead found Danario Alexander.  Gates had two catches for 17 yards.


Top Scorer: New England Patriots

   More impressive than 4 turnover and 2 defensive touchdowns is doing it against an offense that was rolling the last month in the Colts.  Andrew Luck looked every bit the rookie, but was only sacked once.  The Patriots also added a Julian Edelman return touchdown to their point total for top honors.

Honorable Mention: San Francisco 49ers / Atlanta Falcons

   San Francisco had the benefit of playing a putrid backup with no pass protection as Aldon Smith alone had 5.5 sacks.  They also added a safety two picks and limited one of the best teams in the NFC to under 150 yards.  Clearly Jay Cutler means everything to this team.  And give Atlanta's defensive unit all the credit for bailing them out of an aweful offensive day for Matt Ryan and company.  Ryan Lindley helps, but the Falcons had a defensive touchdown and limited the team to under 200 yards.

Goat: Houston Texans

     Aside from allowing over 30 points to a quarterback that the Miami Dolphins didn't want, this was the top defense for much of the year.  And this was their worst game of the season (with the second being against Mark Sanchez) I know that division rivals know each other the best and maybe Houston overlooked them but this is a blemish on an otherwise dominant season and I hope they rebound against a generous Matt Stafford.

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