Fan poll: Who is SEC coach of the year?

semerson@macon.comNovember 19, 2012 

It's getting to that time of year: Awards, awards, and more awards. And in college football there are tons of them.

We checked in with fans on Twitter to see who they feel should be SEC coach of the year. It's kind of interesting that even before the season ends there have already been two coaches fired, an interim coach not returning, and another considered a dead man walking. But it's also a deep pool of candidates for the coach-of-the-year award:

The candidates include Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin, Florida's Will Muschamp, Ole Miss' Hugh Freeze, Vanderbilt's James Franklin, and of course the two men who will (in all likelihood) coach in the championship game: Alabama's Nick Saban and Georgia's Mark Richt.

Here's what my Twitter followers had to say:

Easily Sumlin. New conference and new team for him. Double whammy.
- Joe Moore, @joemoore10

Kevin Sumlin. He's done the most of any coach with the hand he has been dealt. Navigated the "tough" SEC quite well for a first.
- Sab, @Sabanocchio

Probably Sumlin. First year at school, his/program's first year in SEC, new QB, new offense & results above what anyone expected.

@jltdawg, @jltdawg

Franklin. I think Coach of the Year should be about pure coaching ability, primarily looking at player talent vs. performance.
- Andy Murphy, @lifedecoded

Kevin Sumlin. He took a 7-6 A&M Team and has competed in as strong SEC West. Lost to Fla & LSU by less than 7 & beat #1 Bama.
- Carey Williams, @CareyWilliams2

Too early. Ask after the SEC championship game.
- Dante Hudson, @hudson_dante

Sumlin. No one thought they could come in and play with the SEC. He's done it in his first year, in the west, with a fresh QB.
- Ben, @bentucker9

Sumlin...beat Bama in Tuscaloosa, kinda sums it up in my opinion.
- Kyle Miller, @KyleMiller71

Sumlin, first year in the SEC and has made a strong appearance. But a strong argument could be made for Freeze.
- Alex Pucket, @Puckett114

Sumlin will end up getting the nod, but I think Freeze did more with less. That team was a dumpster fire last year.
- Parrish Walton, @ParrishWalton

Sumlin. Look at how joining the SEC treated Mizzou.
- Hercules Rockefeller, @lingsched

Derek Dooley. What other coach could pull off wearing orange pants?
- Alan Matthews, @SouthGaAlan

Muschamp because he is working with a bad offense. All Sumlin did was use Johnny Football, very similar to Chizik having Cam.
- David Freeman, @DavidFreeman1

I think Gene Chizik is the obvious choice.
- Kellen Owenby, @iamkellen

Hugh Freeze. I can see James Franklin at VU, but did you see how bad Ole Miss was last year?
- Trey, @cpadawg

Tie franlin/sumlin. franklin had a lot of parts to replace. sumlin had to change culture. both did great job.
- Michael Cohen, @mdcnyc13

Coach Richt because of the composure and focus (leading to #3 in BCS) after that awful experience in Columbia.
- Collin Montgomery, @CollinMontgomry

Franklin. Probable 9 wins at Vandy for the first time since 1915...1915! Vandy! NINE WINS! #whatsgoingon
- Mike Youmans, @MrYoumans

Hard to make final determination now. I think Muschamp's body of work, in comparison to what was expected, is COY worthy.
- Eric SanInocencio, @EricSan

Kevin Sumlin. New school, new conference, freshman QB.
- Robert Wolfe, @DawgFan_1980

Mark Richt for not losing his team after a humiliating loss OR Kevin Sumlin for teaching the Aggies to hold 2nd half leads.
- Anthony McPhail, @anthonymcphail

Hands down though the award for Best Performance at a Post-Game Press Conference goes to Les Miles.
- Anthony McPhail, @anthonymcphail

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