More Fall Casualties

Posted on November 19, 2012 

Expect lighter postings this week because of the holiday schedule.

ABC announced this weekend that it was giving the axe to "666 Park Ave." and "Last Resort," while CBS has split with with "Partners."

The ABC shows will be allowed to air all 13 episodes, meaning we're about halfway through the run of each series. But since both shows are built around complicated mythologies, I'm not sure I see the point in viewers finishing them out -- there won't be any sort of ending to them.

I kept up with "Last Resort," though it was pretty uneven through its run. It was an interesting premise with a good cast, but much of the writing was all over the place. I know this frustrated a lot of viewers, which is why the ratings fell steadily.

"666 Park Ave" also was very uneven. I liked the Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams characters, but didn't care for the young couple with whom the viewer was supposed to identify. It's Sunday night numbers were worse than "Pan Am's" and the show wasn't helped by "Revenge," which is drawing a lot of criticism with a sophomore slump.

Meanwhile, "Partners" was pretty much dead on arrival. It was my least favorite show of the new season. It's been yanked immediately, to be filled with reruns.  It's been an all-or-nothing development schedule for CBS, giving us the two highest-rated new dramas with "Elementary" and "Vegas," but also delivering the dreck like "Partners" and "Made in Jersey," which was pulled after two episodes.

The networks will use this time to retool and come back in January with their midseason replacements.

MONDAY'S BEST BETS: "Partners" is gone, but the rest of CBS' sitcoms are new, as is "Hawaii Five-0" at 10 p.m.

"Revolution" (NBC, 10 p.m.) is new and features the music of Led Zeppelin, which is odd considering no one has any electricity to charge an iPod. It follows "The Voice."

ABC has "Dancing With The Stars," followed by a new "Castle," while Fox has "Bones" and "The Mob Doctor," which has defied expectations by staying on the air. The CW airs a new "90210" and "Gossip Girl" from 8-10 p.m.

On PBS, there's the Ken Burns documentary, "The Dust Bowl."


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