From the locker room: 'Dreading it for another week'

semerson@macon.comNovember 17, 2012 

- Here are quotes from Georgia players and coaches after their 45-14 win over Georgia Southern on Saturday:

JOHN JENKINS, senior nose tackle

Triple-option another week:

"Man, I'm dreading it for another week. Nobody likes going against this type of offense as a defensive guy, because of the fact the way they block, and they scheme to thinks. Diving at somebody's legs, it's tough to try to beat that. And then try to be stout and try to make the plays that you're capable of making. And then you can't because you have to protect yourself at all times."

Chop-block call against Kwame Geathers at end of first half:

"At the beginning of the game, the first half, I had brought it to the ref's attention that they were running the high-lows. I guess he was looking out for that type of block, and actually Kwame was the one to get it at the time, and we got the call. I mean we were getting it all game. I'm just glad the ref actually saw it and put a stop to it before it got out of hand."

SANDERS COMMINGS, senior cornerback

Another week against the triple-option:

"That's the only way you can practice the cut block, is in full pads. So with the results we got today, I'm sure people won't have a problem doing it again next week."

On if they'll be doing scoreboard-watching tonight:

"I'm sure everybody will. Every Georgia fan, player, everybody."

CHRISTIAN ROBINSON, senior linebacker

The key was stopping Georgia Southern on first down:

"That's huge. That was literally why (we got better). You make them have to change what they wanna do, whether they wanna throw it on one of those downs. If you're stoning them up in the middle you're making them go outside, and that's where we were able to stop them on both of those (opening second-half drives). They got in the gun a little bit more as the game went on too."

Style points or just get the win:

"We didn't want to give up that last touchdown, definitely. That was one thing that, when you're playing a team like this they're gonna play the whole game, and the offense showed up great and made a lot of plays. So we want wo win convincingly and not give up any big plays."

This gives them something going forward for Georgia Tech:

"Especially in practice. That's the one thing, by the time the second half comes you get used to how everything's gonna happen. I think that same thing will be better for next week as well, because you'll expect those kind of blocks, you'll be used to how to defend them."

TODD GRANTHAM, defensive coordinator

Now a second straight week against the triple-option:

"I guess that's the positive to it, we got to play against these guys this week, and there'll be some carryover. I mean Georgia Tech does it a little different than these guys in terms of the plays they run. But the concepts are the same, the blocks are the same. So I think thart part will help us a little bit."

Performance of his team:

"I thought our guys played really well today. I thought we held them under their average. The second half we really controlled the game, got some three-and-outs and some stops. And really they got some meaningless yards at the end when the game was pretty much intact. .... We played pretty good, I felt. We just gotta be ready to play again next week."

The chop-block penalty:

"It's when you want to call it. They called it right there, but if you watch tape it's a matter of - it's such a gray area, and a fine line. I think it's tough for the officials, because the human eye, just on angles and things like that. It's tough. And it's just a matter of when you choose to call it sometimes, relative to the way it's going. So I think the officials are in a tough spot, and the officials did a good job of controlling the game with it. And that was pretty clean. And our guys did a good job of understanding the types of blocks they were getting as they moved forward through the game."

Lobby officials about chop blocks?

"No, they understood. I mean they've got a tough job because the game's moving pretty fast, and the angles and things like that. So I think they're in a tough spot."

JARVIS JONES, junior linebacker

He was around the ball a lot but not much to show for it:

"My job was pretty much on the quarterback, so me staying disciplined that's what I was trying to do. I think I did a good job of that, I ran to the ball a little bit. By the time I got to the ball somebody on the outside was making a tackle. I think overall we did a great job, the guys did their assignment, we stayed disciplined and we executed when we could."

The Georgia Tech offense:

"It's just another challenge for us. When I look at it, I don't look at it as dreading it. I look at it as being disciplined. For us to be a great defense we gotta be disciplined and we gotta have challenged. We're challenged another week with the triple-option and we're challenged to be disciplined."

So is the sack record going to be out of reach after another game like this?

(Smiles). "I don't know man. We're gonna see what happens. I had one or two opportunities here but I didn't get there. (Laughs). I could've got it on the first pass, when he threw it to the tight end, the high tend, but the dude just grabbed me, just bear-hugged me, so I couldn't even rush."

MIKE BOBO, offensive coordinator

Georgia Southern was collapsing on Georgia's run game:

"They were, they did a nice job, they did some different things to our formations that we hadn't see on film. ... They were involving their corners in the run game and playing their safeties wide. We had to make a little bit of an adjustment, and they were kinda like: 'Okay we're gonna blitz to stop the run,' which opened up the passing game, as you saw."

Aaron Murray getting a feel for his receivers post-Marlon Brown/Michael Bennett:

"That's big, because sometimes guys won't have the confidence in the next guy. (I've) really been preaching all season that have confidence in your guys, cut it loose, let them make the plays. They work hard, don't shy away from a guy if the coverage dictates. And those guys did a great job today."

TODD GURLEY, freshman tailback

The 1,000-yard mark:

"It's just a blessing to have that. But there's still a lot of football to be played. So there's nothing to be thinking of: Oh I got 1,000 yards so I need to chill. I gotta still keep going after it. ... I'll look back on it when the season ends, or maybe a couple years from now."

Was he trying to get the mark today?

"I know people were saying it, but I just wanted to go out there and get this win, and be able to ball out like we do. It's a great accomplishment. But now that I got a thousand yards, I just gotta keep on doing what I was doing."

AARON MURRAY, junior quarterback

Setting the program record for touchdowns in a season:

"Oh it's a great feeling. We still have three games to shatter that record. So hopefully we'll continue to put touchdowns on the board. But it's a great feeling. This offense has gotten better and better every week this season."

The offense:

"I think it was great to get down the field the way we did. In the second half we were able to sling it around a little bit more. So just to grab the momentum at the end of the half was huge."

His receivers:

"The more reps I'm getting with those guys (Chris Conley, Rhett McGowan, etc) is great, the more time with them. Because in the offseason I work with all of them, but in season you mostly work with just the guys that are mostly getting all the reps. So continuing to get the reps with all those guys is huge."

On Gurley:

"He's what, only the second (true) freshman to ever get 1,000, besides Herschel to get it. He's a special back. I'm kind of upset I won't be here in two seasons, or three seasons if he makes it in his third to see the records he's gonna break."

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