From the locker room: 'We're not satisfied'

semerson@macon.comNovember 10, 2012 

Here's what Georgia players and the coordinators had to say after their 38-0 victory over Auburn on Saturday night

TAVARRES KING, senior receiver

Being SEC East champions again:

"We're not satisfied. We know we've got bigger things ahead of us. Not to look past Georgia Southern or Georgia Tech, but we know what lies ahead. We wanna win that thing. I think last year, getting there was kind of our destiny, kind of where we wanted to be. This year it's winning. We want to win. We want to be the SEC champions. And hopefully that's what'll happen."

His touchdown catch, did he feel like he was just as tall as Marlon Brown:

"It'd be nice to have three more inches on my body. But no, I just felt good going up for the ball, came down with it. Did his little thing (a little shimmy dance), whatever he does, I don't even know what that means. I just had to do it because I was wearing his number, No. 15. Man I was just excited to wear this jersey and honor him and let him know I care."

Do it the rest of the year?

"I don't know, I might. I haven't thought about it yet. I might."

TODD GRANTHAM, defensive coordinator

Keeping the startesr in for the shutout:

"I said: Did you ever see Buffalo play Houston in the playoff game when it was 31-0? (It was actually 35-3). Or whatever it was. I just knew it was a lot. So I always have flashbacks. We're not having any flashbacks here."

This shows the evolution and improvement of the defense:

"I think it shows the value in continuity from early on. I think right now it shows the value of believing in what you're doing, having mental and physical toughness to stay the course with what you want to do. And it's coaches doing that too. All we've done is stay the course, continue to work, develop and improve."

Next two weeks are against the triple-option, before the SEC title game:

"We'll get ready for it. These two games are critical, because you never know what could happen. The only thing we control is the SEC. After that we don't control anything. But we can put ourselves in position that it could mean something even bigger as we move to Atlanta. So we understand that."

MIKE BOBO, offensive coordinator

The offense:

"I've been pleased with this offense all year. They've responded every week. They've answered the challenge that we put forth. Win or lose they've come back to work. And I think that's an example of the maturity that we have with the quarterback and some senior wideouts. Just really focusing on job at hand and ignoring the noise."

Gameplan without Marlon Brown:

"We really didn't change a lot with what we do out of a spread set. I've had confidence in Christian Conley, a guy that works extremely hard, and is ready for his opportunity. Really the only thing we changed gameplanning wise was to go more up-tempo. We always go no-huddle, but to run some set plays and go no-huddle and run some spread. They do a nice job of defending pro-style offenses, and we wanted to spread it out and give our guys a chance to make some plays in space. We knew the quarterback (Murray) would have to play well and he did tonight."

The freshmen tailbacks breaking out runs:

"We challenged the guys, and coach challenged the guys in the meeting today: Let's get them to the second level. Let's block in the second level. Really been proud of those guys all year, I thought they've run the ball hard. Sometimes there's good defenses, where you're not gonna rush for 200 yards every game. But we've been committed to the run every week, and we stayed committed to it tonight."

TODD GURLEY, freshman tailback

Seven 100-yard games. Did you think this was possible?

"Not really. I'm not really a big stat guy like that. That's just a good thing. The line, fullback are all out there blocking for me, and the receivers. Coach just gives me the ball, so I'm just thankful that I'm able to have that game."

The offensive line blocked well despite Chris Burnette being out:

"Chris couldn't be here, but he'll hopefully be back soon. Guys came out ready to play. Guys stepped in and did a good job, and coach is moving everybody around, so that was a good job on their part. They were just blocking for me and giving me holes."

What's it say for the team after being written off after the South Carolina game:

"We're just doing what we've always been doing, and that's playing ball. Things didn't go our way the South Carolina game, but we didn't let that bother us. The defense found their spark, and everything's been good since then."

AARON MURRAY, junior quarterback

Missing that one play:

"Oh just a little knock, nothing serious. I probably could've played the next play but I just felt it would be best if I took a play off real quick just to gather myself and make sure I was ready to go. And I was, and came back and made a touchdown."

To go from 6-7 two years ago to back-to-back SEC East champions:

"That season two years ago, I don't want to ever think about ever again, it was a tough year. But we definitely learned a lot that year as a team, going 6-7 you really have to look back and see what you have to do as a team to get better. And we did that last season. We won the East, and this year again. I'm proud of this team."

King's touchdown catch:

"That was unbelievable. Unbelievable way to keep his feet, keep the one foot down. I was throwing it (so that) either he catches it or it goes out of bounds incompletion. Because I didn't really wanna give their guy a chance to make a play. And he did a great job of tippy-toeing it."

Starting the game with 10 straight completions:

"There's definitely games where you're feeling extra good. Our guys were getting open and our line did a great job of blocking tonight."

ARTHUR LYNCH, junior tight end

Putting it away early:

"Yeah, especially with what people have been saying about starting slow, whether it be on offense or defense, it was kind of nice. The defense made a stop, and we kind of went right down the field when we got the ball. And the next thing you know it's 14-0, then it's 21-0, and we didn't look back after that."

"We played well. We were able to run the ball, pass the ball, we protected well. We made some plays. So it was kind of nice to play a complete game, and that's what we needed to do."

How far the team has come since that dark day in Columbia:

"That's absolutely right. I was quoted once saying that team played as perfect as they could be, and they played their best. It was a credit to them and I think they caught us on not our best day - not to discredit their win, because when it comes down to it they beat our butt pretty good. But I think it shows it happened so long ago that we've grown as a team every time since then. ... For us, we've grown every week from that day, the second week in October. Today was a great way of showing that."

CHRIS CONLEY, sophomore receiver

Stepping into Marlon Brown's role:

"I got the opportunity today. My number was called when it came to the slot position. I didn't play as many reps as I usually do at flanker because I was taking most of the full-time reps at slot. The gameplan was good, and I feel like the coaches were confident in what I could do in there so they didn't change the playcalling, so I got those calls."

The offense was rolling:

"I feel like we practiced like that this week and it really translated over. We had great practices, great focus, we want to go into each week like that regardless of who we play, and I feel like we practiced hard and got better this week, and it really translated to the field."

ALEC OGLETREE, junior linebacker

Getting the shutout:

"We wanted to get a shutout. And coach left us in there to reach our goal of getting a shutout. ... He just told us we're staying in there. We're gonna finish out this game and go get a shutout. So you gotta go ask him about that."

Performance of defense:

"We still got a long way to go. We've still got two games left till we're ready to be in the SEC championship. So each week we just want to get better. So as far as us getting back to last year's (form), it's a new team, so guys are just wanting to work again, and be great at what we're doing."

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