Fan poll: Georgia's most pleasant surprise this season

semerson@macon.comNovember 8, 2012 

ATHENS - Georgia's football season isn't over, but I think we have enough of a sample now to conduct some surveys. So on Thursday I took to Twitter to ask fans this question:

Who, or what, is your biggest pleasant surprise about Georgia's season?

Two names dominated the discussion, as you will see - but a few other names were thrown out there too. There was an overwhelming response, so I couldn't print every name, but here's what you had to say:

Gurshall has been the biggest surprise. RB was a risk item entering the season with 2 true Freshmen, lived up to their billing!
- GATA Dawgs, @BassinDawg

Biggest pleasant surprise is Gurley and Marshall are playing well beyond their years. Learned game plan with minimal turnovers.
- Michael Gray, @mgrayuga

Gurley. Finally a talented back with his head screwed on straight, which we've been missing for years. And my god, a freshman!
- Benson Beavers, @el_Beaverino

Todd Gurley, after Crowell's dismissal we had no proven running back and thought our ruling game would be weak he will get 1000.
- Tony Uhrich, @tonyuhrich

That Todd Gurley is the real deal and Damian Swann has become one of the best players in the secondary.
- Robert Wolfe, @DawgFan_1980

Got to be Todd Gurley. Has made our O-Line look good, helped us beat FLA, will go 1000 yds+, and seems in line for great career.
- Wes Giglio, @wesgiglio

Todd Gurley hands down. He'll go for at least three 1,000+ yard seasons.
- Deven Jackson, @ThatDawgDeven

Todd Gurley he came in slightly under radar, but on you tube he reminded me of Tim Worley and he hasn't disappointed me either.
- Wesley Kennedy, @wes1336

The obvious answer is Gurshall, because the running game was going to be such a question mark after the Crowell debacle.

Gurley. Everybody expected Marshall to be the RB, and while he's been solid, Gurley's been better than expected to say least.
- Andy Richards, @andycapps614

Todd Gurley! It seemed Keith Marshall came with all the fanfare, but Gurley has been a monster. Isaiah who?
- JJCollins, @JJ_DANGER

Damian Swann. He's taken over the starting corner spot and has four turnovers forced in the last two games alone.
- Will M., @wmonty92

Damian Swann. With higher profile players in the secondary, he has been the best by far, he makes huge plays every single game.
- Billdemartini, @billdemartini

Damian Swann. Young corner who has made big plays on the defensive side of the ball. Filling in after @BrandonBoykin2.
- Robert Francis, @SHOCK_TheWorld

Damian Swann: w/ the number of players n secondary that transferred/kicked off/suspended hes ben solid all yr always finds the ball!
- David Denson, @DTDenson80

Damian Swann... With all the suspensions and concerns with our secondary. The kid has stepped up and been really consistent.
- Luke, @General_Fratton

I've been really impressed with Damian Swann. He's the physical, ball-hawking corner UGA has been missing.
- Andrew Hall, @DudeYouCrazy

For me, it's Swann. Especially the last few games. Totally turned the momentum around last week.
- Nick Notheis, @nnotheis

Andrews. As recently as mid-Aug. Richt was asked about starting ctr. Now one of the most stable spots on OL.
- Dawgsonline, @dawgsonline

Murray and is consistency. The past years he has struggled in rallying Georgia back in games we were behind, but not this year!
- Seth Norman, @1mission_life

Marlon Brown for making huge strides in his last year.
- Kyle Funderburk, @KyleFunderbuk

Jordan Jenkins is starting and an impact player as a true freshman.
- Brett Townsend, @ugadawg34

Jordan Jenkins. Ever since he's come on he's played great. Will ease the sting of Jarvis leaving...a little.
- Ben, @bentucker9

Jordan Jenkins. As a freshman he has had big shoes to fill as Jarvis Jones' backup. He's not only done that, but he excelled!
- Duane, @djurma11

for me it's Jordan Jenkins, he could soften the blow of losing Jarvis Jones next season. (Possibly).
- Justin Pursley, @J2Da_P

Jordan Jenkins because he brings a new wrinkle to defense and relieves pressure from Jarvis and is practicing to take over 2013.
- Sandy Fordham, @Sandman771

OL play and how the loss of Crowell is a non factor. 8-1 without 10-4 with. Frosh backs huge this year.
- Joe Moore10, @joemoore10

Swann, Herrera, Gurley... W/O being the marquee names all 3 have been huge!!!!
- Kangonia, @Kangonia

Russ. He's stepped up and made a big impact.
- Yes Sir, @agua70x7

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