Relic to be sold on Auction Kings

awoolen@macon.comNovember 7, 2012 

WARNER ROBINS -- The telephone booth has been a conversation starter.

So unique is the item, that the television series “Auction Kings” wants the piece in its show.

With its wooden, folding door, three-coin-slot phone, a light and fan which come on when the door is opened, the Chicago-area booth with the blue word “phone” above its door is nearly 50 years old.

Dennis Howdeshell and Cheryl Romich are partners in Blue Moon Antiques, which opened in July.

At first they thought the phone call about the auction show was a prank. Once they received the official paperwork, the pair knew it was the real deal.

“Once we agreed to it, they called us and said how (the auction) works,” Howdeshell said.

The show will be taped Nov. 11 in Atlanta. They are hoping to get $3,000 for the telephone booth, but more importantly, get a little exposure for their small business in Warner Robins.

“As unique as it is, we hope that it will get some good interest,” Howdeshell said.

Although he said he might miss the piece once it is gone, Howdeshell can’t keep everything that is unusual.

“We’re not a museum,” he said.

The phone booth was purchased from an estate sale. There were just pieces sitting out on a back patio area.

“It was nothing but a shell,” Romich said.

Since painstakingly putting it back together and displaying it in the store, both young and old have enjoyed the piece.

Customers came to the store to take pictures of their children inside of it.

Ed and Bonnie Miller, who have been married 47 years, remember a time when the phone booths were a common sight.

“We had them in the dorms,” said Ed Miller, who graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in 1966.

The couple reminisced about those days, mostly with Ed Miller remembering how hot the booths would get in the summertime in the deep South.

“It was kind of a time warp,” he said with a smile when he saw the booth at the front of the store. “That was a good time.”

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