Why I cannot vote for President Obama or the Democratic Party

Special to The TelegraphNovember 4, 2012 

What I believe: I believe that the Holy Bible is the word of God. The Bible is my ultimate authority and I cannot compromise on what the Bible teaches me. To me, the evidence is found throughout God’s holy word, that abortion and gay or lesbian marriages are against the teachings in the Bible. As a Christian, I cannot vote for nor can I support those philosophies of the Democratic Party.

I urge you to look carefully at these issues and consider the Bible’s teachings as you prepare to cast your vote.

The following are some of the reasons why I cannot personally vote for President Obama or the Democratic Party individuals who are seeking election or the Democratic incumbents who are seeking re-election.

I believe the Holy Bible is clear about life beginning at conception. Therefore, I believe that the termination of pregnancy at any stage is murder. I believe the Holy Bible is clear about sexual behavior between individuals of the same sex. However, I cannot accept any governmental policy that openly supports decisions that are so blatantly in opposition to what the Holy Bible teaches.

Through the ages, society has defined marriage as being between one man and one woman. In more recent years many in our society have been widening the definition of “marriage” to include the union between individuals of the same sex. To me, such thinking is undermining the absolute authority of the Holy Bible.

I believe that the Holy Bible states clearly that Israel is God’s chosen nation. As such I feel that we must continue to recognize and support Israel. The current administration does not seem to see that as a priority.

In my opinion, the national debt and our indebtedness to China are currently totally out of control. Until recent years I was not aware that “trillion” really could exist. It just seemed too big for me to comprehend.

I do not believe our country should be spending our tax money so recklessly. This puts undue pressure on all of us and especially on younger citizens to be burdened with paying down that debt in their lifetime.

I believe there are people around the world who hate Americans, openly chant “kill Americans,” and use other verbal and non-verbal terrorist words and attitudes toward the U.S. and Americans. Therefore, I cannot support the current administration’s view that the U.S. military should be cut. The military is our country’s primary agency of defending our nation and territories.

Speaking of security, I believe that if the nation is not going to have a strategic plan for protecting our borders, that the individual states should have the right and authority to protect their borders.

I believe our health care system needs to be carefully reviewed. Who could possibly read and understand 2,000 plus pages of technical guidelines for implementation of the health care law and understand it well enough to vote on it?

As the health care law moves forward in the months to come, there is no guarantee physicians will continue treating patients who currently have Medicare as their primary health care insurance. How can we advocate that our physicians could possibly take care of an added zillion new patients?

Furthermore, I believe Social Security benefits should be provided only to those individuals who have paid into the system during their working years.

You certainly have the right to disagree with my statements. It is fine if you choose to disagree with what I believe.

You may not use God’s Holy Bible as your ultimate authority. As you can see clearly, my feelings and beliefs on both abortion and marriage are based on God’s non-negotiable word.

I cannot support the Democratic Party.

Carol G. Lystlund is a resident of Macon.

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