From the locker room: 'We're pumped'

semerson@macon.comNovember 3, 2012 

Here's reaction from Georgia players and coaches after their 37-10 win over Ole Miss:

AARON MURRAY, junior quarterback

On the first touchdown, what's going through his mind as he's trying to sell the fake:

"Lots of praying, when I'm staring this way. 'Please don't get hit, please don't get hit.' But you've just gotta trust that the play's gonna work."

The touchdown pass to Tavarres King at the end of the half:

"I was able to manage to get out of the pocket, and Tavarres did a great job of continuing his route downfield. Once I got out of there he was wide open. I think it was a cover-2 (defense), and we had two guys going vertical, the safety took the first one, and he was wide open on the sideline. The corner didn't really bail with him at all. Once I got out of the pocket it was pretty easy to see him and hit him."

On being sacked five times:

"It wasn't like I was getting blown up, I mean it's not like I was getting blasted, (like) Nick Fairley hits, the ones I hate. I've got a trust in those guys. They've got a very talented defensive line, some speed off the edge. I thought our guys, besides a few plays here and there, I thought our guys played a heck of a game."

The team's mentality:

"We're pumped. It's very exciting to know we're one game away from getting back to Atlanta, getting back to our first goal. So we've just gotta get ready for our battle next week."

MIKE BOBO, offensive coordinator

On the trick play:

"You just have to trust it. The back has to do a nice job of faking, the line has to do a good job of coming off the ball with their pads down, and then Marlon has to sell it. We got the look we wanted. It was one of those we're like: Just please don't overthrow it."

Adjusting the play-calling in the second half:

"We went more five receivers out, and getting guys out, where we could get the ball out quicker. I said earlier, we were getting third downs in the first half, and No. 10 (for Ole Miss) was able to pin his ears back. And then just throwing on more first downs, giving them more options instead of third down where they know it's a pass and the advantage goes to the defense. That was the main thing. You know, just stay aggressive ... The first half we were kind of trying to knock them out of there, and then we ended up in third-and-longs and played into their hands. We wanted to kind of change it up in the second half and be aggressive on those first two drives."

TAVARRES KING, senior receiver

His touchdown catch at the end of the first half, he was surprised he was able to get behind the defense.

“Really honestly I don’t know what was going on. They looked like to me that they blew coverage. The corner squatted on me and I just went outside. I guess he thought he had safety help. He didn’t have safety help, and I saw that, threw my hand up, gave Murray a hootie-hoo. He put it right on the money, where only I could catch it. It was a great play by everyone.”

Murray's performance:

"That's the great thing about Aaron, he doesn't get too rattled. If I was sacked five times I'd be back there going crazy. But he didn't do that. He stayed poised and confident in those big guys up front. And they gave him a few more opportunities to get the ball downfield to his receivers."

TODD GRANTHAM, defensive coordinator

The defense:

"That's the one thing about our guys, that even when we weren't playing as consistent as we have the past two weeks, we played better as the game went along. Today we kind of finished the way you need to finish. Guys did a good job on the sideline of handling the adjustments we made, fitting the gaps, understanding not only the runs they were running but the play-action passes they were making. I was really proud of them."

On adjustments to stop the pass:

"You've gotta be able to get on them a little bit quicker. It was a combination of just execution and tweaking a couple calls here and there, to allow us to make those guys. I thought the guys did a good job of understanding how they were trying to play us. We were able to hang in there and get some turnovers. And once you get ahead of them you're able to get after them a little bit."

Was this game building on last week?

"Yeah, I think so. I felt like there's been glimpses in other ones. But we didn't have the consistency. And that takes away from it a lot. Over the last two weeks we've been consistent, guys have played with energy, played the way we need to play. We just need to work hard and understand that we haven't reached our goal. We're on our way but we haven't finished yet."


On his fumble recoveries:

"The first one, Rambo got a strip, and it just happened to come my way. Ane the second one I think someone attempted to make a tackle, and it just popped out. I just caught it."

The performance of the defense:

"Pretty good. We started out slow, and we had to really get a feel for the tempo. Getting with the scout team early in the week, it's a big difference. Once we got acclimated to it, we were pretty good."

DAVID ANDREWS, sophomore center

The struggles of the O-line:

"That's not the coaches fault, that's our fault as players. We've gotta step it up, and wake up and start playing ball. ... We had a lot of energy. I guess just after that first sack, we were just sitting here, (saying), What in the hell did we just do? I can't point anything to it, other than the fact we didn't go play football."

How it settled down in the second half, even losing Chris Burnette:

"We just had to get in a rhythm. We were able to get in that rhythm, and the coaches do a good job of preparing us for things like that, a guy going down, with people getting different reps in practice."

MARK RICHT, head coach

The team's mentality:

"I don't know if we were quite as emotional as (we were) for the Florida game, but that's kind of hard to do."

The first half:

"We outscored them, but they outplayed us."

No update yet on Marlon Brown, who injured his knee:

"We just don't know yet."

Asked what the team's theme is:

"G.A.T.A. That's our theme. Get after them aggressively."

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