AC Pup stoked over sensational students

November 2, 2012 

You listen to the news just like I do and hear frequent reports about young people across the nation causing trouble. There are stories about kids doing bad, destructive and hurtful things. It makes you wonder what kind of adults they will turn out to be, doesn’t it?

Well I want to give you hope about some incredible kids we have right here in Macon. Over the years Central Georgia CARES and I have had the privilege of working with some remarkable young people who work hard to take care of vulnerable animals. I’ve been blessed by each of these young folks.

And just recently I’ve met some kids that have blown me away with the goodness overflowing from their hearts. They’ve impressed me with their determination to do good and especially to help CARES and the animals in our region. I thought you’d like to hear about them.

First, there is Gracie Conover. She’s a third-grade student at Vineville Academy in Mrs. Harris’ class. Mrs. Harris gave the class an assignment of doing something good in the community. Gracie decided she would collect food and supplies for CARES.

She not only collected food and toys for dogs and cats, but she also asked people to donate blankets and towels for the animals. As if that weren’t sweet enough, she rolled up all the coins from her piggy bank and donated to CARES to purchase whatever else the animals may need.

Then there’s Sarah Walker, a high school student at Westside High School. Sarah is a volunteer with Save A Pet in Bolingbroke. Not only does she work to help find homes for those rescues, Sarah is responsible for Westside joining CARES Homeless Pet Club. She is an awesome go-getter!

And then there are the unbelievable students at Stratford Academy. These students pretty much decided to adopt CARES and our Homeless Pet Club. We visited the campus where Jeff Battcher, my Aunt Patti Jones, my dad Van VanDeWalker and I addressed the fabulous students.

We learned that in addition to participating in CARES Bike Tour to promote our Homeless Pet Club, the Stratford students also are planning a dance in November with CARES as the beneficiary.

They’ll be collecting supplies for the animals prior to the dance. And they’ve invited us to the dance! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a dance before, and I’m so excited! I’ll have to practice my steps so I can bust a move on the dance floor.

I’m so proud of the kids in Macon who care about animals and actively do something to make life better for them. We have every reason to be encouraged about our youth in Macon. Way to go kids!

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