Tuesday's top stories on macon.com

October 31, 2012 

Here is a list of Tuesday's top stories on Macon.com, as measured by Omniture.

1. Macon women robbed outside of home / 3,709 page views

2. 'We knew it was gonna be a fistfight' / 3,478 page views

3. Ten reasons to vote 'no' on the charter school amendment / 2,313 page views

4. Macon man accused of striking woman with brick, raping her / 1,935 page views

5. Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s daughter: 'I've always liked going fast' / 1,796 page views

6. Macon man shot inside residence / 1,735 page views

7. Macon man shot in back of neck / 1,620 page views

8. Coastal areas bear brunt of Sandy's damaging wrath / 1,377 page views 9. Shots fired at Macon home / 1,300 page views

10. Georgia's O-line responds to its own critics / 1,095 page views

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