Church’s fall dinner to feature first-time author

Sun News correspondentOctober 31, 2012 

Every fall, the women’s ministry at Central Baptist Church plans an event to help change the lives of women in Middle Georgia.

This year’s fall dinner event will feature speaker Robyn Cryer, author of the yet-to-be-released book “Fingerprints of a Hands-on God: Recognizing God’s Presence, Voice and Work in Your Life.” It will be available in bookstores, on Amazon and for Kindle readers in January.

Shirley Jones, one of the organizers of the event, said Cryer has ministered to women around the world as a Bible teacher, conference speaker and Christian counselor. Cryer recently moved to Warner Robins after her husband was transferred to Robins Air Force Base.

Cryer said her book is based on the biblical principal that God is the master potter.

“I had been thinking about that analogy,” Cryer said. “That God is the potter and humans are the clay and how he molds us. As I thought about the molding process, I realized that just like a potter’s fingerprint were on the clay, God’s fingerprints were on us and that they are the evidence that God has been working on us.”

Cryer, who said she accepted Christ as an adult after a childhood filled with abuse and domestic violence, said that looking back at her life, she knew that even before she believed God had been working in her life.

“I have seen it firsthand,” Cryer said. “He really does work all things together for good, the bad, the difficult, the painful. God molds all these things together to make us what we need to be for others and for God.”

Writing her first book was a humbling experience, Cryer said, but she hopes the book can be used by others searching for answers about God.

“I am just a regular person, but I am trusting in God to use the book,” shesaid.

“My hope is that others will realize that God is real and the Bible is true and see how God has been working in their life even before they knew God, too.”

The dinner will be held Thursday at Central Baptist Church, 1120 Lake Joy Road. The doors will open at 6 p.m. and dinner starts at 6:30.

Tickets are $15 a piece. For more information, call Central Baptist Church at 953-9319.

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