Monday's top stories on

October 30, 2012 

Here is a list of Monday's top stories on, as measured by Omniture.

1. Georgia players say a prayer for Lattimore / 5,823 page views

2. Resurgent Georgia defense has plenty of heroes / 2,538 page views

3. Howard High students, teachers pocket cash for taking classes / 2,447 page views

4. Georgia back in prime BCS position / 1,681 page views

5. Controversial plan to import whales should be scrapped / 1,643 page views

6. Man shot in parking lot of Macon sports bar / 1,356 page views

7. Jarvis Jones by the numbers / 1,335 page views

8. Macon women robbed outside of home / 1,229 page views 9. Macon man shot in back of neck / 1,167 page views

10. UPDATE: Sandy's gusty winds for Middle Georgia, outages in North Georgia / 1,097 page views

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