From the locker room: 'A very emotional game'

semerson@macon.comOctober 27, 2012 

Comments from Georgia players after their win over Florida

AARON MURRAY, junior quarterback

- The victory:

"It's still sinking in, but it's an awesome feeling to win this game, to put ourselves in the driver's seat, to beat them two years in a row. I think it's been I don't know how many years to beat them two years in a row. So it's a great feeling. I'm proud of our guys, the way we worked this week in practice, and fought. We had a lot of adversity, especially on the offensive side of the ball in the first half."

- His first half:

"It was a sloppy first half. Very sloppy. But it was the first half, that's why you play 60 minutes, and we came out that second half. We might not have scored, but we did a good job of getting field position for our defense and ourselves as well. And obviously finished the game with Malcolm making an unbelievable play and finishing it off."

- Having a signature win in a game he struggled:

"Hey, I've always said stats don't mean anything to me. Obviously I want to play better, I need to play better. But at the end of the day a win's a win, and that's what I'm happy about right now. I'm gonna go home and sleep well tonight, wake up tomorrow morning and probably be a little stressed out when I watch the film. A couple (bad) throws. But like I said, it's a great victory for the University of Georgia."

MALCOLM MITCHELL, sophomore receiver

- The meaning of this victory:

"It was huge. Huge. If we hadn't won, so much would've been bad. SEC championship, still trying to fight for the national championship, would've been (out)."

- What he was thinking after his 15-yard penalty:

"After coach Richt chewed me out a little bit, I wasn't expecting to go back in, honestly. I said, I just messed up, I'm not going back in. I can't live with this. Then he came back to me: 'Get in the next play.' And I went back in."

- Bigger energy level with the team:

"They weren't just calling the defense, soft. They were calling the whole team. Because we are a team and once you say it to one person you're saying it to everybody. So we took that as a challenge to come out and fight the whole game. And we were fighting the whole game. Because they weren't gonna let up."

TODD GURLEY, freshman tailback

- The difference in the feeling now and three weeks ago:

"Our goal is to get back to Atlanta. Losing that game (at South Carolina), it didn't destroy anything. It was a regret for us, but we still had a chance. And we still have a chance right now. We just kept playing, just kept staying focused."

- Shawn Williams' comments a spark in general:

"The whole team knew we were playing soft, man. That's nothing we didn't know. So I felt like as a leader he just said that so he could motivate the guys. If that's how we played tonight, then shoot he can keep saying we're soft every week so we can keep being motivated."

BACARRI RAMBO, senior safety

- The victory:

"I'm proud of the guys, how we played this game. Shawn wasn't calling us out. I respect what he did. He gave us the challenge. ... We wanted to show the nation, all the doubters, what kind of defense we were, with all the talent we should have been playing this way all year."

JORDAN JENKINS, freshman linebacker

- The effect of Williams' comments:

"It helped every person individually to think: Am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing to help this team out? Am I doing my hardest? I feel like his comments, the media and everybody else doubting us all that combined to help us play a lights-out game tonight."

MIKE GILLIARD, senior linebacker

- The performance of the defense:

"I feel like the whole country portrayed us being a soft defense, overrated. And so we just came out here, we had tensions high, it was a very emotional game. We said before it's gonna be a very emotional game. And I feel like as a defense we went out there and executed."

- Now what:

"We've gotta stay humble and don't sleep on any team. Ole Miss, those guys are looking for a big win. obviously they're 5-3, they're a pretty good team. We can't take any team lightly."

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