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Macon TelegraphOctober 24, 2012 


Top Scorer: Robert Griffin

    Two weeks in a row that we are dazzled by Griff the 3rd.  He had his breakthrough moment leading the comeback that couldn't stand in New York.  His composure and ability to extend drives with his legs or convert impossible 4th downs with his arm was on pure silly display last Sunday.  I predicted this guy would be a star but would be injured by early October.  Well he missed a quarter of action but that;s been it.  If his durability holds up he could surpass Cam Newton as the best rushing throwing double threat in the league. He threw for 258 yards and two scores alongside near 100 yards rushing.

Honorable Mention: Drew Brees

   Drew Brees was surgical in his road victory over a prepared and focused Tampa divisional opponent.  Perhaps most impressively he did it without top target Jimmy Graham.  No worries as Marques Colston has returned from his injury setbacks and Darren Sproles is being incorporated well again.  He finished with 377 yards and 4 touchdowns.  If you lost with him as your starter the rest of your team must have been pretty much garbage.

Goat: Joe Flacco / Andy Dalton

     Joe Flacco has really struggled the last handful of weeks.  Torrey Smith has near disappeared, the usually reliable tight end position has been lost and Anquan Boldin has lost more than just a step.  A wounded Houston defense looked strong as could be against his Ravens.  He couldn't even reach 150 yards passing and his longest score was a pick six the other way.  Andy Dalton meanwhile really was gameplanned well against by the Steel Curtain.  Everyone's glory child A.J. Green had only one catch, a touchdown and that was it.  With his interception Andy became the only quarterback to throw a pick in every game so far this year.  And he only finshed with 105 yards passing total.  Yikes!


Top Scorer: Chris Johnson

   We need to see it consistently from CJ2K but this was his breakthrough game back this year.  Near 200 yards rushing and a touchdown the Titans carved up the Bills defense.  Granted a 4th quarter 80 plus yard touchdown pushed an above average day to Top Scorer status but the fact that he is the NFL record holder for most 80+ yard touchdowns is reason alone to weather the storms of his lackluster days.  Like I said though, let's see what he can string together in consecutive weeks.

Honorable Mention: Adrian Peterson

   Adrian Peterson pulled in a nice day against the Cardinals in a close game where his quarterback struggled.  He rushed for 153 yards and a touchdown against an underrated but strong Cardinal defense against the run.  He gets a short week before tussling with the Buccs and he's proving to be a great pick for a back not in the top 3 of most drafts

Goat: Maurice Jones Drew / Trent Richardson

   In retrospect it may be evil for me to list 2 injured players as Fantasy Goats.  But in a game where you can't switch out a starter like you could in reality than that's what it becomes.  A stuck situation where Mojo's 6 yards rushing or Trent's 19 total yards leaves you a fantasy loser.  At least this week you can start Rashard Jennings confidently.  But Trent may linger in limited practices long enough for you to consider rolling the dice yet again.


Top Scorer: Vincent Jackson

   Vincent Jackson had the best receiving day for a Buccaneer of all time.  But Tampa hasn't been a very pass happy team so let the numbers speak.  216 yards receiving on only 7 catches and even more impressive he would have caught a touchdown to tie the game at the end if his heel hadn't barely grazed the out of bounds line.  He's the perfect compliment to Josh Freeman's rocket arm. 

Honorable Mention: Randall Cobb

   So a week after Jordy Nelson was a fantasy top scorer, Randall Cobb had his day.  Aaron Rodgers wasn't shy about singing his praises either calling him one of the Packers best draft picks in recent memory and a 'star in the making.'  This may be a little premature as it's his first year as a starter.  But if he keeps up this pace he may convince Green Bay that they don't need to resign a oft injured Greg Jennings in his contract year.  He added 19 yard rushing to an 8 catch 2 touchdown game in which he was also used as a kick returner.

Goat: Dez Bryant / Larry Fitzgerald

   I'll admit that I was guilty of drinking the Dez Bryant KoolAide after his breakout game against the Ravens.  But again he fell prone to nagging injuries.  This latest groin pull happened reportedly while in practice.  He was used as a returner too which may not be the smartest idea for the brittle Bryant.  Meanwhile Larry Fitzgerald is just a decoy to John Skelton.  No offense to Antoine Winfield but Andre Roberts is the clear No.1 in this offense as long as Skelton is slinging the ball.  As a Fitz owner myself I am clearly bothered by this as I'm too prideful to bench him.  I will go down in flames lol


Top Scorer: Rob Gronkowski

   The Gronk is getting into a 2011 type groove as he recorded a multi touchdown game and was the deciding difference in a close grudgematch against the Jets.  It's funny that I thought Gronk would be the one with injury problems creeping up and not Jimmy Graham.  With Brandon Lloyd regressing Rob with continue to be a big part of this offense.

Honorable Mention: Dustin Keller / Heath Miller

   Dustin Keller returned just in time to make the Jets competitive.  With no Santonio he'll be the top receiving threat on that team.  He caught 7 passes for 93 yards and a score.  Heath Miller meanwhile has continued his blazing trail as one of the most conistent fantasy scorers for his position.  He caught his 5th touchdown in 6 games and by fantasy numbers he has scored 6 pts in all but one game which is all you really need from tight end.  Just someone not to let you down.

Goat:  Vernon Davis

   Even more troubling than the fact this was his first goose egg on the stat sheet was the fact that the 49er deep threat wasn't even targeted once in the game.  This is eye opening and shocking.  He's too talented to give up on him yet but this week he gets another divisonal opponent with a good defense.


Top Scorer: Houston Texans

   Houston was my top rated fantasy defenses in the preseason.  After losing Cushing they got blown out in embarassing fashion on a national spotlight against the Packers.  In most of my leagues I dropped the defense much to my dismay as they were facing a good offense (the Ravens I thought) and then a bye the week after.  Well the Texans will roar into their bye following a 4 sack, safety, 2 INT (one pick six) performance in which they allowed a stifling 176 total yards against the Ravens. 

Honorable Mention: Minnesota Vikings

     Make no mistake, the Vikings 5-2 record can be attributed to lights out defensive play.  After multiple injuries to linebackers and ancient defensive tackles this team is playing way above their talent level and a fierce Jared Allen and a great Leslie Frazier are to be thanked.  Playing the Cardinals certainly doesn't hurt eitherMinnesota got a whopping 7 sacks in addition to two turnovers and a defensive score.

Goat: Baltimore Ravens

     It's about that time to seriously consider dropping this defense.  I hope you didn't draft them high.  But c'mon you knew Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were on the wrong side of 30, and no Terrell Suggs hurts.  His rushed return is a questionable idea at best.  They gave up 35 points and over 400 total yards as Houston could do whatever they willed last Sunday.

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