Viewpoints for Sunday, Oct. 21

October 21, 2012 

I thought last night’s presidential debate was a good, feisty one, but there were distasteful moments and actions displayed by both candidates.

However, the most distasteful, shameful and even boastful moment occurred when our “President” said that the murder of the American ambassador to Libya, plus three staff members and all Americans serving in such positions around the world were his people and they all worked for him.

No, Mr. President, they do not. They work for their country and “we the people” who pay they salaries. Mr. President, although you are the commander-in-chief of our military, as long as you are on taxpayers’ payroll, you too, “sir,” work for us.

You see, employees work for employers who pay their salaries and if we do not soon pay another to replace you, there is a good possibility we all will end up working for China.

-- Faye W. Tanner


The fallacy of democracy is that it assumes an informed electorate.

-- Neal Snyder

Warner Robins

President Obama has hurt our country terribly. He has denied drilling permits, thrown away our money on a failed stimulus plan, forced an expensive health care plan down our throats, bailed out the auto industry and banks with taxpayer dollars when he should have let them fail so they would be forced to fix the problems they created, given us more debt in three and a half years than Bush did in eight, has no clue about how to create jobs other than throwing money at the problem, increased food stamp participation about 50 percent (nearly 47 million) and created class warfare by trying to make the poor envious of the rich. Small businesses provide 65 percent of jobs and Obama wants to tax them more. His health care plan will cause layoffs. I will never forget the men who died at Benghazi and never forgive our State Department for ignoring the embassy’s pleas for more security. A decent commander-in-chief would be engaged in world affairs, or at least attend intelligence briefings. Reading the latest presidential polls, it sounds like people are finally realizing we have an absolute moron leading our country and the election will go to Romney. Folks who still choose to vote for Obama can be categorized as follows.

1. Looking for, or needing, a government handout.

2. Ignorant of all the damage Barack Obama has done to our country because they only watch and listen to the liberal news media.

3. A racist.

4. A combination of the above.

-- Mike Smith

Warner Robins

I would like to remind people that this presidential election is more than the economy, defense, education and so on. It is also who will influence national judicial rulings for the next 20-30 years. The next president will appoint those who will serve as the next Supreme Court justices. If Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer retire in the next coming years, either could tip the precarious balance held in check by the current mix of conservative and liberal judges. It remains a scarcely touched issue with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, but it is one that deserves almost as much attention as the economy and definitely more attention than Big Bird.

-- Ryan W Reese


The media mavens and their acolytes will tell you, straight up, that their reporting is fair and balanced. So, why doesn’t everyone believe them? I just read a writer on MarketWatch saying the president’s campaign is back on track after Tuesday’s debate. My problem is I’ve never seen one story admitting his campaign was off the track. Another writer, at Yahoo, was way out there pretending to be a pop psychologist and explaining what something Romney said reveals about him. It was a really goofy story.

Now if the media wants to focus solely on Romney’s real and imagined shortcomings, and overlook the president’s record, gaffes and shortcomings, have at it. But they are ignoring the unintended consequences of that kind of behavior. There are a lot of smart people out here in Middle Georgia who can see when a journalist is playing favorites. And I’m certain they wonder why that is. What is being glossed over and/or hidden? And when they can’t get an honest answer to their questions it might just lead them to think opposite of what the professional journalist intended. They just might vote for the wrong guy.

-- Bob Norcott


In this day of negative letters and name-calling, I would like to take the time to say thank you to a wonderful and dedicated group whom I have the honor of getting to know during the past few months. I’m talking about the staff at Heartworks cardiac rehabilitation at The Medical Center of Central Georgia. These folks literally changed my way of living and are responsible for me being able to live a full life today. These folks are caring and knowledgeable and believe in the work that they do. They not only helped me develop good physical rehab skills but gave me information and education that I needed badly to recover from my cardiac issues.

They were there to support and encourage and took the time to make sure that I was doing the right things the right way. I will never be able to repay completely the things these wonderful people did for me. I can never say a big enough thank you. I have the utmost respect and belief in these people and would not hesitate to go to them for help. To the staff of Heartworks, all I can say is thanks for everything, I honor and love you all! Thank you for saving my life and giving me another shot at living healthy.

-- Don O’Neal


I regularly take the trip from Hilton Head to Atlanta and always look forward to stopping at Starbucks and Papoulis on Tom Hill Sr. Boulevard. This Starbucks always has the friendliest welcome in addition to good coffee. On my last trip, I somehow lost my wallet in the store’s vicinity. Back in Hilton Head, I retracked my movements and was amazed to discover a Good Samaritan had handed it in. AJ and Steven were very helpful in taking charge of my wallet and co-ordinating my friend picking it up a couple of days later. Many thanks to you and all the staff at Starbucks. Thanks, too, to the Good Samaritan who handed in the wallet. In these tough times its great to know that there are good people everywhere and especially in Macon! I will do my best to pay it forward!

-- Anna Malkin

Hilton Head, S.C.

Private companies that make it a priority to hire veterans deserve high praise (“Manufacturers launch program to hire more veterans,” 10/15). The federal government should follow their lead and create more policies to employ Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in particular -- a group that suffers unemployment more than 2 percentage points higher than the national average.

Instead, the federal government is putting the screws to these young men and women. First of all, the DoD plans to cut more than 100,000 troops from active duty, swelling the ranks of unemployed veterans. The DoD then wants to raise veteran health care premiums by more than 300 percent. That could force them to choose between health care, paying the rent or feeding their families.

Couldn’t the DoD save money elsewhere instead of taxing veterans? Defense analysts say that inefficient Pentagon bureaucracy wastes billions and mismanaged programs like the trillion-dollar Joint Strike Fighter have run 75 percent over budget. Fixing this single program could cover health care costs for an awful lot of veterans.

Our troops have sacrificed so much to protect this country and ensure our freedom. We shouldn’t ask them to sacrifice yet again to solve our nation’s fiscal problems until every other solution has been tried.

-- Joseph F. Morgan, President/CEO, Veterans of Modern Warfare

Washington, D.C.

Do you remember the fairy tale, “The Pied Piper of Hamelin?” A complete stranger answered the call to rid the town of their rat infestation. The magical tune of his pipe lured all the rats into the river where they drowned.

In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama, an unknown entity, mesmerized many Americans with his shouts of “Change!” No specifics -- just change! Many followed blindly behind a man they did not know, and made him the highest ranking leader of our free nation. Four years later, we are drowning in debt and unemployment.

The mayor in the fairy tale would not pay the piper his total fee, and thus the mystical stranger once again played his enchanted pipe. The townspeople were horrified when all of their children followed him into a mountain and disappeared.

President O’Bama, our Pied Piper, is smiling because our people have merrily followed him along the path to our demise. Our money, freedoms, values and assets are disappearing. He does not love our America and our precious freedom. He will gladly take one half of your paycheck and give it to your neighbor. Just like the fairy tale, he does not want us to live happily ever after.

-- Marlene R. Lovejoy


Obama is criticizing another extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. If this is such a bad thing to do, why did he sign an extension of them in 2010?

When a Republican is in the White House, he is in firm control of oil / gasoline prices. At least that’s what we hear from Democrats. Lacking a basic understanding of economics, President Obama doesn’t understand that his decreasing access to federal lands for drilling and his blocking the Keystone Pipeline have contributed to price increases by limiting the oil supply.

Continuing their Marxist demagoguery of class envy, the Democrats want Mitt Romney to release more than the customary number of tax returns. Everyone knows how Romney made his money. Therefore, this fishing expedition is pointless. I am puzzled why there is no similar curiosity about Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He started with nothing but has magically accumulated a fortune through government service.

The concept of investing and capital formation is apparently foreign to Democrats critical of Romney’s prior leadership of Bain Capital. Bain’s objective is the creation of wealth for its investors through private equity and venture capital. Wouldn’t America be better off with someone running our economy who has actually been a successful businessman? With nothing more than classroom experience, Obama confidently told us that he had all the answers. He has failed.

Finally, should Barack Obama fail to win re-election, will his wife Michelle still “be proud of her country”?

-- Cary S. Baxter


Prayer for today

God help us to show love for one another. Let’s stop the hating, fighting and killing one another. In Jesus’ name, let us all stay prayed up. Amen.

-- Submitted by Janice A. McClendon


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